Zune Recorded TV Sync Speed

The new Zune software syncs Recorded TV without the need for any 3rd party software, one of the question I have been asked is how long it takes to sync TV 2007-11-13-56529files with the Zune

So I thought I would try a real world test. I picked on a movie I had recorded  (The After Tomorrow), this was recorded with Windows Media Center via a Nova-T card (DVB-T 704 x 480) . The file is 2.4GB, running at 2:30 hours long. Starting the transfer off is easy, just navigate to Videos right click and select Sync.

  • 14:26 – Transfer started,  ZuneEnc.exe taking around 90% CPU, this must be the transcoder
  • 14:58 50% complete
  • 15:21 91% complete, the CPU usage drops right down, I guess it is now copying the file
  • 15:31 Transfer complete, the file is 990.6MB on the Zune

Test PC Spec: P4 3.0 with 1GB of RAM, Vista index of 3.8

So that is just over an hour for a 2:30 hour movie, which I guess is not that bad.

My next test was a show recorded from a radio channel which transmits over the digital TV signal (BBC7). This is a 1:07 hour recording, 550.4mb in Media Center. It is audio only but Media Center thinks is a video file with a blank screen, I record quite a few shows of the radio and it will be nice to get them on my Zune for listening to in the car. I kicked it off and 4 minutes later it was done, 167.2mb on the Zune

When I tried to play it on the Zune it didn’t play at all, I guess the Zune or it’s encoder does not know about DVB-T audio files, which is a real shame. The player didn’t crash but there was no audio at all.

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5 Responses to “Zune Recorded TV Sync Speed”
  1. Matthew says:

    One of the good things about WMP11 is that it will Encode DVR-MS automatically if it’s in a Smart playlist and set for Sync to a device. Some days i’ll actually watch the sync and I see television get copied straight to my PMC….the auto encode has already created a small cache and it syncs very quickly.

  2. Mark Carline says:

    I wonder if this will be any dfferent with a Zune 2?
    I have just ordered one this week and it should be with me in the UK on monday (19th)
    Only reason for saying this is that the Zune 2 aparently does TV quality output to a TV and so in order to acheive this the quality (and size of the MSDVR file) must be kept to their original size.
    I guess its going to be a "best of both" because do we want the syncing to do either:
    1) Keep the MSDVR file the same size (dont reencode it) but then wait for a 2.4Gb file to be copied over USB2, or
    2) Reencode it to a smaller file (which will take time) and then gain on the fact that its a smaller file to be copied over USB2.
    Personally as i’m getting the 80Gb model and I wish to use it connected via a TV I vote for option 1.
    Hopefully the zune software will give us the choice to do this (if it doesnt currently).
    Do you know if we’re allowed to install the new Zune software without having the Zune connected ? (getting impatient now!)

  3. Ben says:

    Two questions then:
    1. Does the Zune 80 support PAL tv-out?
    2. Seems I can sync UK DVB-T content – is this correct?

  4. Ian says:


    1. Does the Zune 80 support PAL tv-out? – I think it does, there is an option on the 30 to set it to PAL output
    2. Seems I can sync UK DVB-T content – is this correct? – yep. It works for me
    Mark – You can install the sofware without having the player. To get in to the Social side of it you need a US based passport account. I can’t tell you that I created a new hotmail account with a US address :)
    It will be interesting to see the quality of the 80 TV output
    Renbry – I think smartplay lists have gone

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