Microsoft should make a home tablet PC

I saw¬†a blog by Robet Scoble about the tablet PC’s and I think Microsoft should push the OEM’s for a consumer tablet pc one thats cool (not just for geeks like me) that uses the power of a local pc and ties the home pc/table thing together. I guess the smart display was along the … Continue reading

Windows Media Center

I have been using Windows Media Center (2005) on my main pc for a couple of months now, I use it for recording and watching TV, playing music and reading RSS feeds (via a program I have been writing) The system works realy well and has total changed how we watch TV. The only thing … Continue reading

My Music

I have a site with some music I have writen and recorded over the last few years listen here: Please have a listen and tell me what you think

Dotnet rocks gets a new website

My fav Internet talk show for developers gets an updated web site Nice work guys

My Twins

I thought i would upload some pics of my twins, Jack and James

Autosport Show

I finaly got my Autosport pictures up See the photos section