More apps for MCE

Just spotted (on eHome upgrade) another MCE product Embedded Automation announced mHome for home automation on Media Center Its great to see more applications for MCE Details here

Interview with Microsoft’s MCE Bloggers

Thomas Hawk has a great interview some of Mircosoft’s top Media Center Bloggers over at eHomeUpgrades (here)  

Flirkr Media Center Pictures

Flickr is an great place for posting photos and then tag the pics with a group tag, i.e. the is a Media Center pool where people have posted some great pics of there media center pc’s Somebody asked if there was a application for Media Center to view Flickr pictures, well if there was a … Continue reading

Windows Media Center RSS Reader Finished

I have finished my RSS reader today so I will make it ready for download next week. Its going to be free! Watch out for the podcast soon 

Remote Record for Windows Media Center

Great if your in the USA or Canada, you can remotly schedule TV recordings via the Web for your Media Center blog But bad news if your not in the USA or Canada you can’t. Looks like we (non usa customers) get left out again. I have tried to find out if there will be … Continue reading

Windows Media Center Interviews

On Microsoft’s community site Robert Scoble has interviewed John Canning and Charlie Owen from the eHome team at Microsoft (the dev team for Media Center) They show off Media Center, show some of the development and features of the product and give a demo of the portable media centers If you interesting in Media Center … Continue reading

Comments from the developers of the MCE remote software

I wrote about Niveus remote control software for Windows Media Center (here) I got some feedback from Tim at Niveus so I thought I would post it here. He makes a good point about it not being a replacment for the MCE remote but more about being able to use out side at partys etc. … Continue reading

Thinking of doing a Windows Media Center Podcast

I was thinking of doing a Podcast on Windows Media Center, as I can’t seem to find anyone else doing it. I would have news and products reviews and try and get an interview with people from the Media Center world. What do you think? would you listen? would you be on the show? Let … Continue reading

Using Pocket Remote Software for MCE 2005

Last week I blogged about Niveus Pocket Remote Software for MCE 2005 (here),I download the trial version and here are my experiences with it. Downloading was nice and simple, the files where in a zip file with the server part for the PC and the client part for the Pocket PC. Installing the PC was … Continue reading

Great Guide for Setting up Windows Media Center

Just spotted this guide from Charlie Owen on how to setup media center from installing the CD right to the using MCE The link is here its one of the best guides I have seen for Media Center