More apps for MCE

Just spotted (on eHome upgrade) another MCE product

Embedded Automation announced mHome for home automation on Media Center

Its great to see more applications for MCE

Details here


Flirkr Media Center Pictures

Flickr is an great place for posting photos and then tag the pics with a group tag, i.e. the is a Media Center pool where people have posted some great pics of there media center pc’s

Somebody asked if there was a application for Media Center to view Flickr pictures, well if there was a RSS feed for the pictures my RSS reader could use that.

Does anybody know if there is an RSS reader for Flickr? If not maybe thats the next app for me to develop

Remote Record for Windows Media Center

Great if your in the USA or Canada, you can remotly schedule TV recordings via the Web for your Media Center blog

But bad news if your not in the USA or Canada you can’t. Looks like we (non usa customers) get left out again.

I have tried to find out if there will be a UK launch but no info yet

BTW The podcast plans are comming on, more soon



Windows Media Center Interviews

On Microsoft’s community site Robert Scoble has interviewed John Canning and Charlie Owen from the eHome team at Microsoft (the dev team for Media Center)

They show off Media Center, show some of the development and features of the product and give a demo of the portable media centers

If you interesting in Media Center or just want to know what it can do watch the videos

Part 1 is here and Part 2 is here Both from

Comments from the developers of the MCE remote software

I wrote about Niveus remote control software for Windows Media Center (here)

I got some feedback from Tim at Niveus so I thought I would post it here. He makes a good point about it not being a replacment for the MCE remote but more about being able to use out side at partys etc.

Its great to see companies communitcating with the community, if you have a pocket pc and Media Center give the software a try, the trial version is free

Tim’s comments:

Nice review, thanks for taking the time with our product. I think you are
right on with your comments. The only thing I think is becoming more
apparent is that we (Niveus) need to do a better job at pitching the vision
for the product. We did not design it to be a replacement to the plastic
remote, but rather an extension. To be honest, if you are in the living
room, those plastic MCE remotes are the quickest, easiest devices to use.
True, you can have some fun and use the Pocket Remote feature in the living
room, but the real value comes from using it in locations you simply can’t
use the IR-based Plastic remote, such as from a room nearby, outside during
a BBQ, anywhere you have placed remote speakers… you get the idea. The
concept is that in the digital home, we not only want access to our media
anywhere, we want to control it from anywhere. Typical uses in my home are
using it in the kitchen or dining room to control the living room media
center. During the summer I’ve used it to control the office computer which
has speakers near the backyard windows (limited Windows Media Player
support), or simply to leave the television off and listen to music in the
living room. All these scenarios would not be possible with the plastic
remote as they would require the display to be on, and for the user to be
within range of the IR receiver. Over time, features beyond music and radio
will come into play, but that’s where we started.

As for the bug with Now Playing you encountered, it was not designed to
reflect what’s playing on MCE beyond music and radio. It’s really an
extension of the Pocket Music/Radio feature, and not a general Now Playing
feature that would reflect television, photos, etc. I can see why this would
be confusing. That’s why software is so lovely, we can take your feedback
and incorporate some changes into our next release


Thinking of doing a Windows Media Center Podcast

I was thinking of doing a Podcast on Windows Media Center, as I can’t seem to find anyone else doing it.

I would have news and products reviews and try and get an interview with people from the Media Center world.

What do you think? would you listen? would you be on the show?

Let me know please!


Using Pocket Remote Software for MCE 2005

Last week I blogged about Niveus Pocket Remote Software for MCE 2005 (here),I download the trial version and here are my experiences with it.

Downloading was nice and simple, the files where in a zip file with the server part for the PC and the client part for the Pocket PC.

Installing the PC was simple as was installing the pocket pc, just standard MSI installs.

Getting the server up and running was also simple, just I ran the shortcut and the program ran in the taskbar. Service Pack 2 prompted me to allow or block the port the server was using, so I allowed that.

Setting the Pocket PC was just as simple, I installed it using ActiveSync with no problems.

Using the Program was easy, just run the program from the pocket pc. As its a trial version I was prompted for a Activation Code, I just clicked Try Later (which would have been better labelled Try Now) and the program ran.

I went to the setting page and clicked on Discover which picked up the name of my Media Center PC. I tried the Test button which worked ok.

I could then use the remote control function with out any problems. I used the Now Playing function with connected to the MCE PC and showed what track I was playing.

I liked the pocket remote function to control the pc, I also liked the pocket music function to view my Albums and recently played music.

I did find a problem with the now playing function. I used the My Radio function to listen to a audio stream from the Internet and it worked great, but later when I was watching some recorded TV the now playing function still showed the radio stream as playing and not the TV. I did reset the pocket pc and try it again and it still showed the radio stream.

Overall its a great product and I have only playing with it for a few hours. I am not sure how useful it would be for me as I have the MCE remote and the pc is very close to where I sit but I can see it would be usefull for people that have there PC tucked away. I guess I may also find it more useful if I play with it a bit more.

Its great to see companies developing for Media Center and also for the Pocket PC, let hope more software like this comes out.

The product costs $34.99  and a free trial is available here


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