The Windows Media Center Show – Show 3

Show 3 of my podcast "The Windows Media Center Show" is online at RSS feed is In this weeks show I talked to Charlie Owen from Microsoft eHome team, developers of Windows Media Center and he had with him Zetools (more details on them in the show) A very interesting chat about Online Spotlight, … Continue reading

Great tip on developing with Media Center

Charlie Owen (developer of Media Center) has posted a great tip for working out what more media center is in (PC, extender, remote desktop etc) Great for working out what features are available for the session. Read Charlie guide here subscribe to his blog for more MCE developer tips Thanks Charlie 🙂  

The Windows Media Center Show joins the Podcast Network

Great news the show has joined The Podcast Network. What is the podcast network? The Podcast Network is aiming to be the best collection of podcasts available anywhere that are managed and aggregated under the one roof. The guys behind the TPN are Mick Stanic and Cameron Reilly. They are the duo behind the extremely … Continue reading

Low Cost Media Center PC

Thomas Hawk (again) has a scoop on a new lower cost easy setup MCE PC Media Made Easy Announces the Availability of the Media Made Easy Media Center PC, Featuring Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005: Media Made Easy is announcing a new Media Center PC that they are selling under the moniker of "Media … Continue reading

RSS Reader For Windows Media Center Update

Just thought I would give an update on my RSS Reader I have re-designed the reader to make the feeds navigation better and add Podcast support.It now supports unlimited feeds, ad better feed editor and streaming of podcasts from Media Center. I will post more details soon  

Form factors for Media Center PC’s

Its seems like there are more and more interesting form factors comming out for Windows Media Center comming out. Chris has a round up on his blog about some out this week. So for a Windows Media Center Show in the future I want to talk about the diffrent form factors for Media Center. If … Continue reading

MCE Customizer 2005 Beta

A Windows Media Center that I know has had a lot of work put in to it. its a program that enables you to customzie your Windows Media Center and 2.1 beta is out So download it and try it, I know Danne from has been helping him  (the top guy he is!) Here … Continue reading

New Show – The Windows Media Center Podcast Show 2

I have just posted Show 2 of the Windows Media Center Show. Go to for more details and download the show  (and the RSS feed for the show is there too) Any download problems should be sorted out, please let me know if you have any problemsand keep the feedback comming Show Notes (from … Continue reading

Suggestions for the next few Podcasts

I  have planned Interviews for the next few podcasts (The Windows Media Show) and I am looking for any suggestions of feedback for the shows So who would you like to see on the show? If I could get someone from Microsoft on, what would you ask them? What product should I look at? Would you like … Continue reading

MyTV ToGo (Media Center to Pocket PC)

I use my Pocket PC a lot and I record all my TV on my Media Center PC, so this product looks like it would be good for me. I actual can do what it does allready using a DVR to WMV converter then copying the file to my Pocket PC but this does it … Continue reading