The Windows Media Center Show – The Microsoft Home

This week I have a special edition of the show, I had the opportunity to visit the Microsoft Home in London. The idea of the home is to showcase what Microsoft technologies can do for the home now. So rather than show of products coming in years from now they are showing products you can … Continue reading

The PodcastNetwork on TV

Podcasting is getting bigger and bigger. Yesterday Mick Stanic co-founder of the The Podcast network (were my Windows Media Center Show is part of) was on Australian TV Mick has posted a clip here. And if your in to Movies, Tablet PC’s,Jazz,AFL or anything else checkout for loads of great shows (including the Media … Continue reading

Charlie Owen has another tip for Media Center development

If your developing for Windows Media Center there is one blog you must subscribe too. Charlie Owen (from the Media Center development team at Microsoft) publishes tip on Media Center development. Charlie has a post about using TV safe colours for Media Center Center

My Trip to the Microsoft Home

On Monday I got an email from Microsoft giving me the chance to visit the Microsoft Home in London. So at 7am I left home (near Manchester) and took the train to London then a tube across London to the Microsoft Home. The idea of the home is to show case what Microsoft technologies can … Continue reading

TapiRex and Skype

Last night I managed to get time to install TapixRex from Christoph Buenger. I don’t use my Media Center PC for calls via a the phone line but I do use it for Skype and TapiRex has a Skype Add on. So I installed it, picked Skype as my service and installed the Media Center … Continue reading

Windows Media Center RSS Reader – Ready for download

You may have seen I have been working on my RSS reader for a while, well its now available for download. The product called mNewsCenter is being launched by Embedded Automation, makers of mHome Home Automation for Windows Media Center (Ted Sighn founder of Embedded Automation was a guest on the first Media Center Podcast) So … Continue reading

The Windows Media Center Show – Show 5

Show #5This week I talked to Dean Weber CEO of One Voice Technologies makers of Media Center Communicator a very cool voice control system for Windows Media Center ( I talked about it in my blog)We talked about Communicator, Media Center, Voice control systems and Harry Potter DVD’s! I played some comments in to the … Continue reading

Fix for MCE burning TV files

Chris Lanier has a post about an update for creating DVD’s from recorded TV files The fix is mainly for PAL users but its recomended for all users. Note: You still need the correct the encoders for this to work e.g. Sonicecoders Details from Chris: File Name: Q894553_xpmce_sp2_x86_us.exeDownload Size: 2163 KBDate Published: 4/20/2005Version: 1   OverviewThe … Continue reading

Orb and Media Center

Thomas Hawk posted a tip from F-stop blues about using Orb as an alternative extender for Windows Media Center. Well I have the exact same idea J For my Show on the podcast network “The Windows Media Center Show” I Interviewed Joe Harris from Orb Networks about Orb and so I have been playing with … Continue reading

My Mobile device pictures

I have uploaded some pics of my mobile devices (to Flickr). I have my HP Ipaq 5550 which is my current device and I also have a Compaq Aero 2100 (circa 1999) and a Apple Newton (circa 1995) which still works! I have to say while the Ipaq is a great device (wifi, bluetooth etc) the … Continue reading