Do you have a Media Center product?

Do you have a Windows Media Center product or service? If so I want to hear from you.

I would like to feature your product on the Windows Media Center Show. We can talk about your product and Windows Media Center.

So if your interested send me an email to and we can arrange something for the show


The Media Center Show #10 – DIY MCE

This week I talk to Richard Schwab of MediaMadeEasy, where we look at building your own Media Center PC.

I have some messages from the forums and a recap on the Digital TV project at Microsoft (more details on show 9)

We have a winner in our competition to win MyRemoteMouse and I talk about a new competition to win mNewsCenter (RSS Reader and Podcast listener for Windows Media Center, there is a free trial version for download here)

You can get in touch with the show via the Skype Line, Email or the forums

Listen to the show here

Windows Media Player 11

Paul Thurrott’s WinInfo is reporting that a new major version of wmp is due soon

Hopefully it will have an updated libary function as Media Center uses it and MCE gets very slow with large music a library, (ask Thomas Hawk)

   Microsoft’s original plans for Windows Media Player (WMP) 11–
formerly code-named Aurora–were fairly low-key, with just a few minor
new features. That’s all changed: Microsoft has canceled Aurora, and
the company is moving the Longhorn media player to XP. Now code-named
Polaris, WMP 11 will be a major release. There’s just one problem:
Instead of shipping in November, as per the original plan, WMP 11 will
now ship in a public beta during that month, coinciding with Longhorn
Beta 2. The final release is roughly scheduled for early 2006. You
heard it here first

No HDTV in Media Center till Longhorn?

I have been reading Thomas Hawks comments on Chris Lanier blog post about the problem bringing HDTV to Media Center (aren’t blogs great!) and Thomas is upset about the fact the  Studios could prevent HDTV coming to Media Center until Micosoft have much stricter DRM in place (which is not due to Longhorn).

I know Thomas loves his HDTV and I can see why this bothers him, with Microsoft pushing the HiDef XBOX 360, Media Center is real hole in the living room vision for people wanting premium HDTV.

Then again, in the UK there is no HDTV so I don’t have the chance to get upset by it


The Grand Prix show launches!

Myself and Jon Lyman have started a new show

Welcome to the first Grand Prix Show.
The fastest Podcast on the web! The show for Formula One fans.
We are going to bring you race reviews, previews and the latest news.

As this is the first show we look back at the season so far, review Kimi Raikkonen Monaco win and look forward to this weekends race.

Do you agree about the problems at Ferrari, can Alonso hold off Raikkonen till then end of the year let us know.
We need your comments and feedback so please send us your comments to and please visit the show forums.

you can find the show here on the podcast network


The Media Center Show Forums are open for business!

The Media Center Show Forums are open for business!

To support the Media Center Show I have created a forum for discussing topics and issues from the shows as well as ideas and suggestions for the future shows.

So please go to the Forums sign up and start talking about Media Center.
Also look out for a Ask the Expert section. More content should be coming on all the time but I really need the Media Center community to help out and start posting.

If you have and suggestion for the forums please let me know

The Windows Media Center Show #9 Joe Harris (Orb)

This week I talk to Joe Harris VP of Marketing from Orb Networks.

Orb is a great product that allows you to stream your digital content around the internet all for free!
I played a message in to the Skype Line (MediaCenterShow) from James Kendrick (host of the The techADDICTION Show podcast) and read out an email from Niels Hjorhøy Wind

Also I have details about the fantastic opportunity to work on a digital TV project at Microsoft in Ireland, so developers take a listen.
This is probably the biggest recruitment drive at the moment in the interactive TV software space in Europe

Please keep the comments and feedback coming in to the show, either email ( or the Skypeline (mediacentershow)
and if you apply to work at Microsoft please let me know

Details and job specs on the show blog here

Listen to to the show here

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