Another Win For McLaren!

Another Fantastic win for Kimi, McLaren are looking very strong, I haven’t seen this kind of pace since the championship winning years of 98-99

Monaco is very hard race but Kimi made it look easy, roll on the next race

more details here


More content for Online spotlight

Sean Alexander points out that Yahoo’s Musicmatch Radio and Music Store have now launched for Windows XP Media Center Edition and are available via Online Spotlight. "Free CD Quality Radio and more personalization features than other services- not a bad experience out of the gate"

more into on Sean’s  blog

Is this going to be available for all locations or just the US?

I have just tried it and once it has download (and installed a Active X control), it looks very nice. I searched for Pink Floyd and it found the info on them and I could buy the albums online. I tried the radio stations as well and it works well.

From a developer point of view the UI is nice and makes good use of the remote.

I don’t buy much music online (I like having a CD) but it does look good.

The Media Center show is described as a Cult show by eHomeUpgrade

The Media Center show is described as a Cult show by eHomeUpgrade

Alexander Grundner kindly said “Ian Dixon has quickly turned his Media Center podcast into a cult favourite among MCE users and developers”
I like the idea of being a “cult” show, I just want to get the message out to the Media Center community.
I have been reading eHomeUpgrade for quite a while so its great to see the show featured on there. It’s a great source on info for the digital lifestyle so check it out, and don’t forget to send your comments, suggestions and feedback in to or the Skype Line for the show MediaCentershow

Talking about Ian Dixon’s Media Center Podcast

Ben, Thomas Hawk and Matt Goyer all pointed out on there blog that you can vote for my show on PodcastAlly, I havn’t mentioned it as I have been busy at work (EDI is great fun NOT!) and didn’t think about it anyway. I don’t think you win anything but people do listen to shows off the strenght of votes it gets. So if you like the show please vote.

Thanks to Ben, Thomas and Matt for pointing it out


Ian Dixon’s Media Center Podcast

Go and vote for Ian Dixon‘s Media Center Podcast on Podcast Alley. There were 3 different links to different things there, so the important one again – Podcast Alley. I’ve no idea if he wins anything for getting top and Ian’s yet to mention it on his space, but vote for him anyway.


The Windows Media Center Show #8

Media Center Show #8

This week I talked to Michael Sprague President and COO of Wavepress makers of TVTonic an Online Spotlight application for Windows Media Center. We talked about TVTonic and the broadcast of TV over broadband
I also read out some email from John Hoole, Christopher Addicott and Shaun Adams.
I played a messge in to the Skype line from Herc and have another chance to win MyRemoteMouse

The Skype line for the show is MediaCenterShow and the email address is

To listen to the show or subscribe to the RSS feed go to

Alexander Grundner on Media Center,DRM and Linux

Alexander Grundner (Editor of eHomeUpgrade) pointed to his post "My Inner
Struggle with Microsoft, Linux, and DRM
" where he talked about his struggle with DRM and upgrades from Microsoft "I’m finding it difficult to continue down the ($$$) upgrade path for a few new bells and whistles"

He points out that while Longhorn looks very slick and quick on a 64bit PC with PCI express etc Linux can be as quick on much older hardware. On that I can see that Linux and some of the free Media Center type apps look nice they don’t have the out of a box experience that Windows Media Center has.

On DRM I agree with him, DRM should be fair for the users of the content as well as the creators "An Apple or Linux user should be able to use services tied to Windows Media DRM, just as much as a Microsoft user should be able to tap into Apple FairPlay protected content. It only makes sense for the progression of digital media services, and should be an undisputed right for all consumers."

There needs to be a standard for all platforms of DRM including CE boxes. If I have paid for some content I want to be able to listen/watch it on any device I had

Read the article for more details and let me know what you think

I guest on this weeks “A Brit Abroad” podcast

For some time I have been listening to Steve Lacey’s podcast "A Brit Abroad ". Steve works in Seattle as a "software graphics game developer guy"  (it says on his site ) and is from the UK (hence the title). We have been emailing for some time and finaly got round to doing a podcast together with Phil from Clanlife (also in the UK).

We had no plan and just chatted over Skype for while, it was good geeky fun.

Steve has put the show online at on his site

It was good fun and nice for some else to have to edit and produce the show! Please send Steve your comments

XBOX 360 does have Media Center Functions

As expected the XBOX 360 has built in Media Center functions. So it will be able to stream TV, music and vidoes from a Media Center PC without any extra software neeeded.

It will also stream HDTV, good for US owners

I wonder if it still uses Remote Desktop to get content to the XBOX? Will existing MCE apps work with the new XBOX? I think that streaming media is built in but there are no details about other MCE apps.

Anybody got any ideas? 

At least we will get we should get extenders for the UK and the rest of the world

More details from eHomeUpgrade

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