The Windows Media Center Show #15 – Sean Alexander

Welcome to the Media Center Show #15

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On this weeks show we have Sean Alexander, Sean talks about blogging, Media Center, presenting on stage with Bill Gates, XBOX 360 and some of the features coming on Longhorn (well the ones he could tell us about!)

Sean said we have only seen 20% of Longhorns features up to now.

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The Grand Prix Show #5


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On this weeks show we look at more of the reaction from the US GP, we look at the F1 news this week and look forward to the French GP.

We also have some audio from Marco

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Listen to Podcasts with iTunes 4.9

iTunes 4.9 supports podcasting, so you can get the Grand Prix Show and the Media Center Show via iTunes.
As I am not a iTunes user I can’t vouch for it but both my shows are on there under "thepodcastnetwork"
So if your a iTunes user let me know if you can get the shows OK, and does that mean that you will be switching from using your current podcatcher?
Hey has the editor for spaces been updated, it looks like they have implemented the no follow option

IE7 and Longhorn RSS support – What does it mean for Podcasting and Media Center

Since Microsoft announced IE7 and Longhorn will support RSS I wondered what this means for Podcasting and Media Center?

Since Microsoft seem to get RSS and they say RSS will be at the heart of Longhorn, I guess we will see lots of Microsoft products support RSS. So my guess is that Windows Media Player 11 will support RSS for subscribing to music services and therefore podcasting.

So it should open up the audience for podcasting and should make the whole experience better.

It should also make Windows Media Center a great consumer of RSS for video and audio content, and make it easier to get great content in to Media Center

I would have thought RSS will be everywhere in Longhorn and I can’t wait to see the implementation in Windows Media Center.



The Windows Media Center Show #14

Welcome to the Media Center Show #14 (MP3 – 23.6MB – 1hour 7min 42sec)

On this weeks show I have Eirik Solheim. Eirki did a great roundup of the different media center platforms on his blog so he going to share his experience with us.
He is also involved with the Norwegian TV industry so will get his take on the digital media issues affecting the TV industry.

Also I have your chance to get your Media Center development questions answered. Michael Creasy from Microsoft is going to answer so of your development question for media center.
So if you have any question about Media Center development now is the time to ask it!
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The Grand Prix Show #4

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On this weeks show we look back at what was total disaster for Formula One. Joining us is Dane Logan from UpdateSport

I think we all found it hard to believe what we were seeing.
Who was to blame? I am sure this is going to run and run.

By the time we recorded the show (Monday) I was not ranting as much as I was on Sunday night.

I have setup a vote so you can have your say.

As this was not a normal show I thought I would save all your email till next weeks show ( a France preview show).
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Formula Farce

I can’t belive what happened today at the US race.

Just 6 cars race in the most important market for F1 , crazy

A chicane would have worked but the FIA blocked it

lots more reaction in the next Grand Prix show

Windows Media Center Update

Neowin are reporting that Media Center 2005 update is due out in August.

Details from Neowin:

The update which will RTM in August is expected to include support for the upcoming Xbox 360 and the following:

  • Native digital cable
  • Content Protection
  • Improve burning (DRM, network, Hi-def, DVD-RAM)
  • MCX on WinCE clients (Babylon, TV2 as stretch goal)
  • Playback reliability
  • Running 3rd party apps out of proc
  • Address top usability issues
  • Platform Security
  • Additional languages and locales

    The update is currently being beta tested and is at Beta 2 stage. A release candidate 0 is expected to be released late July with an RTM following on August 12th for English, French, German, Korean and Japanese versions. Dutch, Italian and Simplified Chinese versions are expected to follow 2 weeks later.


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