Details on the next version of Media Center

from,not sure how true this is but it blows the idea of MCE but in to all vista editions


Diamond, What little is known?

For those who do not know, Diamond is the next version of Microsoft Windows Media Center Edition. Diamond will be based on Windows Vista like the past versions of MCE have been based on XP. Because of the complexity and how advance the UI is, it is said that Diamond will have its own special Aero Tier. A tier requiring much higher system specifications than even Aero Glass. Not too much is known feature wise about Diamond, but I can tell you of a couple features. DRM will be much improved with Diamond, I am not sure how exactly, but the way DRM files are handled and verified will be much easier and quicker. As someone who buys their music from the MSN Music Store (Yup, they use DRM) I will find improvements in this area useful. The second feature I can tell you about is that TV Viewing, especially HDTV will be improved with better quality viewing.

No one outside Microsoft knows what level of graphical power and memory Diamond will need. But I am hazarding a guess that the GPU power will need a recent DX9 card and around 2GB of RAM. Why that much RAM? Well for those who currently aim for the premium MCE 2005 experience these days will know that for a lag free session with MCE, you require around 1GB of RAM. So with the new graphical and other requirements of Diamond, I can make a guess that 2GB would be around the “recommended” amount of memory for a good experience.

I shall do my best to keep you up-to-date with more news and feature previews of Diamond in the up coming weeks and months.


Windows Media Center Update “Emerald”

Been searching around the web and seem to found a few links that Windows XP SP3 will feature the Emerald update for Media Center.
It looks like SP3 will contain IE7, Windows Media Player 10 (maybe 11) and Emerald as well as all the normal fixes.
So far I have heard that Emerlad will be a rollup pack that can be downloaded, this is the first time I have heard of it being part of SP3
Here is one of the links I found

The Windows Media Center Show #18 – Shuttle

The Media Center Show #18 (MP3 – 13MB – 37min 46sec)
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On this weeks show I have Sebastien Messier from Shuttle talking about there new Media Center PC and building Media Center PC’s

I also read out some emails sent in to the show from Simon Greenwood and Steve Serabian

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The Grand Prix Show #8

The Grand Prix Show #008 (MP3 – 12.4MB – 36min 22sec)

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Welcome to the Grand Prix Show. This week Jon and I review the German Grand Prix, look forward to the Hungarian GP and look at the F1 news this week.

As Kimi suffers again as Mclaren hand the win to Renault, Montoya hits the wall in qualifying and Ferrari struggle once again.

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Digital Home’s Website

Digital Home Magazine has gone all electronic and I am contributing Media Center content
So now its an Online only version, here are the details from there site
"After 27 issues of Digital Home, the print version of the magazine has now been closed. Welcome to the new electronic version.
As the majority of our readers already have broadband Internet access, we’re in the process of moving the magazine to the web. Here, we’ll be updating, redesigning it, adding to it, and turning it into a complete digital home resource to build on what the print magazine started"
I am going to be writing a Media Center Coloum for the site, so if you have any suggestions let me know

Embedded Automation Announces the Commercial Release of mControl

mControl is now available for purchase at Embedded Automation’s Web Store. The most notable addition to mControl since its beta release is support for the brand new INSTEON protocol.

The mHome product line was established earlier this year in order to develop solutions that merge home automation with the Windows Media Center experience. mControl is Embedded Automation’s core software application that has been designed for the Media Center platform and allows a user to take total control of their home from a TV set with a single remote control.


Look out for an interview Ted Singh on the Media Center Show soon

The Windows Media Cente Show #17 – Chris Lanier


The Media Center Show #17 (MP3 – 19.5MB – 56min 39sec)

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On this weeks show I talk to Chris Lanier about Media Center, Extenders, XBOX, XBOX 360 and DRM.

I also read out some emails sent in to the show.

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