The Podcast Network Upgrades

Just thought I would let you know that The Podcast Network servers where I host my Podcasts are being upgraded over the next couple of days so you may not be able to get on the site.
It should be back up by the end of the weekend and it should be a lot faster and stable
So if you want to listen to the latests show until the site is back up and running you can listen or download
UPDATE: it’s all back up and running now

The Windows Media Center Show #26- Jobs, Trade Shows, Tagging

The Media Center Show #26 (MP3 – 17.3MB – 50mins 27secs)
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This week I have a different show, Declan Fitzgerald from Microsoft Ireland joins us to talk about job opportunities at the new development Center in Ireland (where there is Media Center development)

Ted Singh from Embedded Automation tells us about trends from the CEDEA trade shows and then Geoff Twibell tells us about tagging your music collection and fixing album art, well worth listening to.

Also if you would like to help with artwork for the show let me know

Send your questions and feedback to (feel free to send your questions in mp3)
or you can send your questions and comments in to the show Skype Line “MediaCenterShow

The forums are at

Show Times:
00:00 Ident
00:51 Coming up this week
01:20 Email in to the show
01:24 Vista Editions
02:49 The Windows Market Place
03:16 Photo Editing software show on the Channel 9 Video
03:58 Dual tuner digital over the air cards
04:55 Hauppauge Nova-S-Plus and Nova-SE2 Satellite boards
06:10 Microsoft Support HD-DVD format with Managed Copy
07:44 Thomas rants, Charlie responds, Thomas replies again
08:40 Charlie asked how can Microsoft work with the developer community
09:20 Thanks for the DRM questions
09:50 New artwork for the show, can you help?
10:33 Declan talks about the new development center in Ireland
11:43 Development jobs at Microsoft
16:00 Products under development
18:47 Smart Card Center
20:00 Microsoft Recruitment Web Site
20:58 A message from the Grand Prix Show
21:38 Ted Singh from the CEADA Show
22:52 Media Center everywhere
26:12 Cable card in Vista?
27:20 Media Center PC’s on show
28:15 Touch Pads
29:51 Media Center laptops
31:14 Vista Media Center
33:00 Geoff Twibell sends in a piece on fixing image art and tags for Media Center
35:20 Blue headphones, unknown artist, unknown album
35:55 Tags, what tags?
36:10 MP3 Tag from
36:55 Finding tags from Amazon and Freedb
37:40 But what about album art?
38:50 Album Cover Art Downloader from
39:40 Windows Media Player gets its turn
41:50 Album Art Fixer from
43:20 The Album Artist tag
45:10 All finished!
45:22 Email the show
45:34 Music by Ian Dixon

Microsoft backs HD-DVD with Managed Copy

Microsoft announced that they will be supporting Toshiba’s HD-DVD format. Sean Alexander posted some of the hight lights of the announcement and I thought this was the most interesting part
Managed Copy – A First for DVDs:  Managed Copy is a guaranteed feature within HD DVD that gives consumers the freedom to make copies of their discs to a hard drive or home server, including Media Center PCs, and enjoy them in every room of the house over their home networks.  HD DVD discs also will allow copies of the movie to be played on portable devices.
Interesting to see how that is going to work, but if it does and it’s not overly complicated then it would be impressive. Copying to a Media Center PC or home server is exactly what I want to do.
Anybody with young kids will know the problem of kids messing up there DVDs!

The Grand Prix Show #14 – Brazil

LISTEN HERE and the RSS feed and show notes are here

Welcome to the Grand Prix Show.
This week we look back at Brazil GP and congratulate Alonso as the youngest ever world champion and Mclaren finally get a one two.

We also read out some email

Please keep your comments coming in to the show, we love to get them
You can email us and the forums are at

Don’t forget our show merchandise range


Show Times:
00:30 Opening quote (Martin Brundle and Bernie Ecclestone)

01:45 Listener email and comments

02:35 Great race in Brazil

04:00 A crash for Coulthard

05:15 Untidy start for Alonso

07:34 Webber involved in crash as well

08:45 First race retirement for Montero

10:20 Poor performance from Toyota

13:55 A reasonable race from Sato

15:00 Great qualli from Klien

17:25 An average result for Button

20:35 Lack of pace from Fisi

23:20 A solid result from Alonso

26:40 Close result for Kimi

28:30 Another great race from Montoya

30:30 A great race overall

31:40 Looking ahead to Japan

32:00 Buy our stuff

33:00 A message from the Media Center Show

Ask your DRM questions

Next week I will be recording a DRM special for the Windows Media Center Show.
DRM (Digital Rights Management) is going to be a very hot topic (if it’s not already) in the future as Cable Card comes to Media Center in Vista. Also Vista could feature new forms of DRM
So I really need your input. Are you worried about not being able to get fair access to your content or do you think that DRM should be tighter? Send your question in to me and I will try and include it in the show

Thomas Hawk hits out and Charlie Owen replies

It’s interesting to see two former guest from the Windows Media Center Show having a online debate.
Thomas Hawk hit out at Microsoft and Media Center in particular "Why does Media Center suck?"
He really slates the lack of HDTV (something he said on his interview on my show) and the lack of speed in which Microsoft operates.
He also said that "And what is being done about these things. Probably something, but as far as I’m concerned NOTHING."
Thomas you must have missed some of the stuff at the PDC? I know Media Player is not up to the large media libary that you have but with Vista that will be a thing of the past.
I can understand his frustration, and I think the Rollup 2 update for Media Center will make his frustration greater, but hang fire until you see Vista, Media Center is going to be the killer application in there.
Charlie Owen responded to Thomas’ post with a fair bit of details (HERE)
To which Thomas responded here
It’s good to see a proper discussion and it’s all done without resorting to name calling.
Maybe I should get them both on Skype to slug it out on the show?

The Windows Media Center Show #25 – Ian McCarthy (Orb)

LISTEN HERE and the RSS Feed and show notes are HERE


On this weeks show I have Ian McCarthy VP of Product Development at Orb talking about the Orb service, the new API for developers wanting to create addins for Orb and some of the free addins coming

If you have any questions regarding DRM I am planning to do a DRM show soon so please send you questions in and I will include them in the show.

Send your questions and feedback to (feel free to send your questions in mp3)
or you can send your questions and comments in to the show Skype Line “MediaCenterShow

The forums are at

Show Times:
00:00 Indent
00:52 Coming up this week
01:10 About Orb
01:41 Email from Hugh, BBC imp
02:24 mix up last week
02:45 Email from Richard (TV problems), link to Show 16
03:47 PCI Express Tuner cards(German link)
04:21 PCMCIA Tuner Cards
04:55 Leaks about Emerald Media Center
06:33 Vista Media Center screen shots
06:55 PDC Slide deck from Charlie Owen
07:37 Chris Anderson (The Longtail blog) loves Media Center
08:10 The Rise of the Media Center PC?
08:50 Ben doesn’t think so
09:35 New version of Tweak MCE
09:57 Windows Market Place
10:25 DRM Questions
10:36 Developer show coming soon
11:05 Break and a message from the Grand Prix Show
11:33 Welcome to Ian McCarthy from Orb
11:50 Link to the interview with Joe Harris
12:05 Orb development API
13:49 link to the Orb downloads
15:25 TIVO Anywhere
16:29 OrbCasting
17:54 What is Orb
19:00 Free Skype Voicemail with Orb – V4S
20:38 Show Skype line
21:40 Orb,Skype and Podcasting
22:30 SDK applications
24:30 Orb is free
25:00 Licence Model
27:05 Home Automation Addon
29:25 Media Center Client for Orb?
31:56 Self Publishing
35:30 DRM, what will be in Vista
36:30 World wide TV support
38:00 Guide Data
39:08 Stream TV content over any connection
40:46 Clients
42:00 Using Orb with your smartphone
43:00 Media Center PC as a server
44:10 No cost development
46:30 What programming languages can you use?
49:19 The Orb Forums
51:08 Coming up next week
51:30 Send your comments in to the show
Music by Ian Dixon

Vista Media Center PDC Session Slides

I seem to be linking to Charlie Owen’s blog a lot at the moment, but in case you missed it on his blog, Charlie posted his PDC session for download
It talks about developing for the 10 foot interface with Vista.
Windows Presentation Foundation layer looks like its going to be a fantastic way of developing for Media Center.
Plus it looks like there is a new managed api for Media Center.
Plus there are some other good links on Charlie’s post

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