Coming up this week….Help on Roll Up 2

Coming up this week on the Windows Media Center Show
Aaron Stebner setup guy from the eHome team at Microsoft is coming on the show to talk about problems and solutions on installing Update Roll Up 2.
We will also be talking about Setup / Installer issues in general as well as all the Media Center news and emails
Show 31, out Thursday

TweakMCE Update Close to shipping

"We’re very close to getting a new TweakMCE out that will install with MCE 2005 RU2. I know some of you are very anxious for this but please hang in there. The reason for the delay is that we’re working very hard on Windows Vista Beta 2 and we haven’t had the spare cycles to dedicate to cutting through the red tape to get this out the door. I’m sorry, this is my fault, we should have pushed this out earlier before the beta 2 crunch.

The good news is that we’ll launch a new powertoy with TweakMCE that gives power users access to an often requested feature."


I wonder what the power toy is?

BBC launch on Online Spotlight!

Something I had hopped was coming was the BBC on to Online Spotlight and Charlie Owen says they have launched (I had a look myself and couldn’t see it yet)
I think this great news, it’s another vindication of Media Center.
I don’t know what the service will contain yet I imagine it’s some kind of portal of BBC Online content.
What I would really like to see is some interactive stuff for UK viewers where we can me watching a enhanced broadcast with TV over the air and internet content at the same time, like the ABC service in Online Spotlight
Charlie also says its the 100th Online Spotlight application
Well done guys!

The Windows Media Center Show #30 – Ed Bott

The Media Center Show #30 (MP3 – 24.4MB – 1 hour 11mins 3secs)
LISTEN HERE and the RSS feed and show notes can be found HERE

On this weeks show I have Ed Bott, Windows expert, blogger and now Media Center blogger. We are going to talk about Media Center, Cablecard, DRM, Vista and even Office 12

I have the Media Center news with Orb and I read out email sent in to the show

Don’t forget so send in your suggestions for the Media Center awards coming soon

Send your questions and feedback to (feel free to send your questions in mp3)
or you can send your questions and comments in to the show Skype Line “MediaCenterShow

The forums are at

Show Times:
00:00 Show Ident
00:57 Coming up this week
01:18 Update from George
02:27 Email from Robert
05:21 TweekMCE fix for Roll Up 2
05:45 Email from Randy Harris – Shuttle Review
06:04 Email from Steve – Away Mode
07:51 The Media Center News with Orb Networks
08:13 I got Roll Up 2 working
08:30 Help on next weeks show
09:11 A Day in the life of a traveller
09:40 Appple Frontrow – Media Center one last time
11:06 Recored TV Space Manager
11:36 Recording over firewire for a STB
14:00 Charlie Owen’s PDC Session online
14:29 Vista Calender, I want a 10′ interface for it
16:00 New Media Center Bloggers
16:43 Media Center Show Awards
17:11 A message from the Grand Prix Show
17:33 A note before we go to Ed
17:45 Welcome to Ed Bott
18:20 Ed’s background
19:50 Ed’s Media Center Blog
26:00 What’s in Ed’s Media Center blog
28:00 Advertising in blogs
30:47 Roll Up 2
37:40 CableCard support
47:00 Vista
58:26 New version of Office (12)
1:01:06 Thanks to Ed
1:06:00 Coming up next week
Music by Ian Dixon

Recording over (Firewire) in Media Center

Peter Rosser is asking for feedback on his ideas for recording from STB via firewire.
"I want to hear how much this feature is wanted in the user community.  Is it only wanted by the technically savvy, or do "average" users want it?  I really want it, and I don’t want this relegated to the "power user" or "enthusiast" bin, because that will result in, at most, a power toy implementation.  If we can bring a full feature team to bear on this, I bet we could really make our users happy.

Just think, you could have everything Media Center gives you, plus VOD support (including Pay-Per-View, integrated into Media Center), and HDTV over digital cable.  If I’m not mistaken, this could easily expand into satellite STBs, too, if they don’t already support streaming over 1394."


More info on Peter’s blog, the problem I can see is what are the chances of getting he Set top boxes equipped with Firewire when they will want to offer there own PVR solution (as do Sky in the UK)

Charlie Owen’s PDC session Online

I have just finished watching Charlie Owen’s Developing for the 10 foot interface PDC session
If your a Media Center developer or are interesting in developing for Vista Media Center check the session.
You can steam it or download it, it gives you a great starting point for developing 10 foot application for Vista Media Center

Vista Media Center feature request – Calender

I saw via  The Furry Goat experience that Vista will have a Calender built in to it with RSS support, so you can share your family’s calenders and have a nice central view of it on one pc (it would be great for me, so my wife can see who I am talking to on skype this week!).
"In Windows Calendar, you are able to set up multiple calendars designated by different colors with different events for each calendar. So let’s say you have a family computer and want to know what each member of the family’s schedule looks like – Windows Calendar is just the program for that. But let’s go further – to the more exciting stuff. You can share these calendars…or "publish" them. In Build 5219, there was an option to publish as RSS but that seems to be gone in this build (again, please bring this back!). In Build 5231, when you publish a calendar, it publishes as a .ics file (and publishes only to a WebDAV capable server). After a calendar is published – it can be subscribed to! So, let’s go back to that family computer with all the different calendars of each family member. Those calendars could simply be "subscribed" calendars that are created by each family member on their own individual computer in their rooms"
Now Media Center team, can I please have a 10 foot interface for it, so I can look at the calender from Media Center, how cool would it be to able to be on the phone (or Skype for Media Center in my case) and be able to quickly check your calender to see if your free for a night out. Just like the hotmail addin Sean Alexander talked about, to able to quickly check this from the sofa would be so handy.
So Matt, Charlie and chance?

Two new applications in Online Spotlight

Looks like there are two new applications in Online Spotlight
Akimbo have free-trial preview of it’s Media Center application (more details on there web site) and
10 Foot World, Inc announced today that its first version of MCE web portal service will be part of Online Spotlight, the internet access section of Microsoft’s Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005. The inclusion of 10 Foot World into Online Spotlight will make web-surfing available from the comfort of your sofa. The initial version 10 Foot World 1.0 consists of live web content such as Media Center Guide, Horoscope, My Recipes, 10’ Bar, Current Movie Reviews and Daily Currency Watch. (thanks to Chris for the update)
I love seeing more applications coming in to Media Center

Excellent gig last night

I went to a great gig last nigh, I saw Paul Carrock at the Lowery Centre in Manchester.
Paul is a fantastic musician, playing guitar, piano and a mean Hammond Organ.
When you tell people your going to see him they always say who?
Paul has written and recorded some classic songs, such as "How Long" , "Tempted", "The Living Years" and "Over my shoulder" (with Ace,Squeeze and Mike and the Mechanics)
I great night out, I love seeing live music

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