Coming up this week….Help on Roll Up 2

Coming up this week on the Windows Media Center Show   Aaron Stebner setup guy from the eHome team at Microsoft is coming on the show to talk about problems and solutions on installing Update Roll Up 2.   We will also be talking about Setup / Installer issues in general as well as all … Continue reading

TweakMCE Update Close to shipping

Matt Goyer has updated us on the progress of TweakMCE for Roll Up 2   "We’re very close to getting a new TweakMCE out that will install with MCE 2005 RU2. I know some of you are very anxious for this but please hang in there. The reason for the delay is that we’re working … Continue reading

BBC launch on Online Spotlight!

Something I had hopped was coming was the BBC on to Online Spotlight and Charlie Owen says they have launched (I had a look myself and couldn’t see it yet)   I think this great news, it’s another vindication of Media Center.   I don’t know what the service will contain yet I imagine it’s … Continue reading

The Windows Media Center Show #30 – Ed Bott

The Media Center Show #30 (MP3 – 24.4MB – 1 hour 11mins 3secs)LISTEN HERE and the RSS feed and show notes can be found HEREOn this weeks show I have Ed Bott, Windows expert, blogger and now Media Center blogger. We are going to talk about Media Center, Cablecard, DRM, Vista and even Office 12 Download Orb … Continue reading

Recording over (Firewire) in Media Center

Peter Rosser is asking for feedback on his ideas for recording from STB via firewire.   "I want to hear how much this feature is wanted in the user community.  Is it only wanted by the technically savvy, or do "average" users want it?  I really want it, and I don’t want this relegated to … Continue reading

Charlie Owen’s PDC session Online

I have just finished watching Charlie Owen’s Developing for the 10 foot interface PDC session If your a Media Center developer or are interesting in developing for Vista Media Center check the session. You can steam it or download it, it gives you a great starting point for developing 10 foot application for Vista Media Center … Continue reading

Vista Media Center feature request – Calender

I saw via  The Furry Goat experience that Vista will have a Calender built in to it with RSS support, so you can share your family’s calenders and have a nice central view of it on one pc (it would be great for me, so my wife can see who I am talking to on skype … Continue reading

Two new applications in Online Spotlight

Looks like there are two new applications in Online Spotlight   Akimbo have free-trial preview of it’s Media Center application (more details on there web site) and   10 Foot World, Inc announced today that its first version of MCE web portal service will be part of Online Spotlight, the internet access section of Microsoft’s Windows … Continue reading

Excellent gig last night

I went to a great gig last nigh, I saw Paul Carrock at the Lowery Centre in Manchester.   Paul is a fantastic musician, playing guitar, piano and a mean Hammond Organ. When you tell people your going to see him they always say who? Paul has written and recorded some classic songs, such as … Continue reading

Recorded TV Space Manager

Brett Robichaud sent me an email about a new free plug in for managing multiple hard drives and recorded TV that he has developed   Details From Brett:   "I thought you might be interested in a new utility I’ve created for MediaCenter that solves a very specific problem I and some others have.  That … Continue reading