Recording over (Firewire) in Media Center

Peter Rosser is asking for feedback on his ideas for recording from STB via firewire.
"I want to hear how much this feature is wanted in the user community.  Is it only wanted by the technically savvy, or do "average" users want it?  I really want it, and I don’t want this relegated to the "power user" or "enthusiast" bin, because that will result in, at most, a power toy implementation.  If we can bring a full feature team to bear on this, I bet we could really make our users happy.

Just think, you could have everything Media Center gives you, plus VOD support (including Pay-Per-View, integrated into Media Center), and HDTV over digital cable.  If I’m not mistaken, this could easily expand into satellite STBs, too, if they don’t already support streaming over 1394."


More info on Peter’s blog, the problem I can see is what are the chances of getting he Set top boxes equipped with Firewire when they will want to offer there own PVR solution (as do Sky in the UK)


2 thoughts on “Recording over (Firewire) in Media Center

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  1. That is precisely the problem. Newer STB’s no longer include Firewire. For the same reasons that "content providers" stupidly torpedo any efforts to get cable card support into a computer, they also pressure cable services to discontinue high-speed interfaces like Firewire.That just goes to show how obsolescent their business model, and how screwed up their thinking is.

  2. I have always wanted this feature. It will be really convenient to directly record on the external HDD via Firewire or USB 2.0 rather than having to copy my recorded tv files manually. Thumbs up for this feature!

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