The Windows Media Center Show #30 – Ed Bott

The Media Center Show #30 (MP3 – 24.4MB – 1 hour 11mins 3secs)
LISTEN HERE and the RSS feed and show notes can be found HERE

On this weeks show I have Ed Bott, Windows expert, blogger and now Media Center blogger. We are going to talk about Media Center, Cablecard, DRM, Vista and even Office 12

I have the Media Center news with Orb and I read out email sent in to the show

Don’t forget so send in your suggestions for the Media Center awards coming soon

Send your questions and feedback to (feel free to send your questions in mp3)
or you can send your questions and comments in to the show Skype Line “MediaCenterShow

The forums are at

Show Times:
00:00 Show Ident
00:57 Coming up this week
01:18 Update from George
02:27 Email from Robert
05:21 TweekMCE fix for Roll Up 2
05:45 Email from Randy Harris – Shuttle Review
06:04 Email from Steve – Away Mode
07:51 The Media Center News with Orb Networks
08:13 I got Roll Up 2 working
08:30 Help on next weeks show
09:11 A Day in the life of a traveller
09:40 Appple Frontrow – Media Center one last time
11:06 Recored TV Space Manager
11:36 Recording over firewire for a STB
14:00 Charlie Owen’s PDC Session online
14:29 Vista Calender, I want a 10′ interface for it
16:00 New Media Center Bloggers
16:43 Media Center Show Awards
17:11 A message from the Grand Prix Show
17:33 A note before we go to Ed
17:45 Welcome to Ed Bott
18:20 Ed’s background
19:50 Ed’s Media Center Blog
26:00 What’s in Ed’s Media Center blog
28:00 Advertising in blogs
30:47 Roll Up 2
37:40 CableCard support
47:00 Vista
58:26 New version of Office (12)
1:01:06 Thanks to Ed
1:06:00 Coming up next week
Music by Ian Dixon


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