Podcasting Changed My Life

Well 2005 was an amazing year for me! About this time last year I was searching for a podcast which covered Windows Media Center and couldn’t find one So I thought about doing my own. While I started considering what I wanted to do and about February The Podcast Network was founded by Mick Stanic … Continue reading

Looking for a new LCD TV

In the new year I am looking to buy a new TV. I want a 37 to 40 inch screen HDMI input (to hook it up to an XBox 360) it must have freeview built in (the standard for UK over air digital TV) So far this Sony looks good and best of all my … Continue reading

The Windows Media Center Show #39 – The Awards Show

The Media Center Show #39 (MP3 – 27.4MB – 1 hour 19mins 50secs)LISTEN HERE the RSS feeds are here A extra special show this week, its the Media Center Award Show. Thomas Hawk joins me to review the winners and we have some special guests joining us. Sorry it’s such a long show but it is … Continue reading

Coming up this week…. The Media Center Awards Show

Coming up this week on the Media Center Show is the Media Center Show Awards 2005   Joining me to host the show is Thomas Hawk and we are going to look at the nominations and the winners, plus we have some special guests joining us on Skype   We have the prize winners and … Continue reading

Best Wishes for Christmas!

I just wanted to wish all my blog readers merry Christmas and I hope you get lots of gadgets from Santa   Look out for the Media Center Award show out December 29th with guest co-host Thomas Hawk!   Cheers!

Online Spotlight – a mix bag

Via Chris Lanier   ExtremeTech looked at some of the Online Spotlight application and found the results a mixed bag. They reviewed Akimbo, Gallery Player, some of the TV portals and the game applications. It’s a shame mceWeather and BBC news where not on there Online Spotlight as they are my favourite ExtremeTech Final Thoughts: … Continue reading

The Windows Media Center Show #38 – Media Center in a Car!

The Media Center Show #38 (MP3 – 20.8MB – 1 hour 0mins 48secs)LISTEN HERE the RSS Feeds are HERE On this weeks show Duncan Rae talks about how he fitted Windows Media Center in a car and I have info on the Media Center Show Party at CES and your invited. I have another chance to … Continue reading

autoProducer unPlugged 2

In what is some what of a slow news week and being bombarded with email from exhibitors at CES I came acorss a press release about autoProducer unPlugged 2. I haven’t heard of autoProdcuer but here are some details from the press release.   Featuring a refreshed user interface, the upgraded muvee autoProducerunPlugged 2 now … Continue reading

Roku M1000 SoundBridge

Last night I got a Roku M1000 SoundBridge for "testing" 😉 It’s a Windows Media Connect device that streams music from your PC.   I must say I am very impressed with it so far. The package comes with every thing you need to get it working.   I unpacked it and plugged the power … Continue reading

mceBackup Updated – Fix for non English Versions

I have updated mceBackup to fix a problem found by a German user (thanks Torsten) It has been messing up when looking for the settings folder in non English versions, as I was using "Application Data" which in non English version of Windows is not called "Application Data"! So mceBackup now uses the registry to find … Continue reading