Coming up this week on the show

Coming up this week on the show is David Fleshman, blogger and Program Manager at Microsoft on the eHome team.
David has a great blog and has some great incites in to the development process of Media Center.
Plus the Media Center Show news and email in to the show
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This weeks show will be out Friday as I am at the Smart Homes show at the NEC (UK) on Thursday

NASA WorldWind on Media Center and XBOX 360

Another great application from Casey Chesnut /mceWorldWind
"/mceWorldWind shows how to use NASA’s WorldWind from Media Center Edition using your remote control. it also has a plugin for controlling WorldWind using an XBox 360 Wired Controller on an MCE PC, and another plugin for calling Virtual Earth’s IP address location finder"
Casey is racking up the Media Center addins, and will be coming on the Media Center Show soon to talk about his experiences

The Windows Media Center Show #46 – The Green Button

The Media Center Show #46 (MP3 – 18.6MB – 54mins 16secs)
LISTEN HERE the RSS feed and show notes are HERE

The Media Center Show with Orb Networks

On this weeks show I have Daniel Sterling from The Green Button, one of the first and most popular community sites for Media Center. Daniel talks about the history of the site and the redesign that is coming very soon.

I have a Skype message in to the show about Photoshop Elements for Media Center, email in to the show and the latest Media Center news

Send your questions and feedback to (feel free to send your questions in mp3)
or you can send your questions and comments in to the show Skype Line “MediaCenterShow

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Show Times:
00:48 Coming up this week
01:10 Email – PMC with Helmet cam?
02:10 Automated Tag fixing
03:55 PhotoShop Elements working with MCE – Skype Message
06:38 Send a tip in to the show and get free software!
07:03 Media Center Show Survey
07:51 Media Center Server?
09:45 Where is VIIV 2.0 (eHomeUpgrade)
10:10 Caption Support
11:02 More info for System Builders
11:52 Top 10 reasons to upgrade to Vista, Media Center is not in it!
12:23 MIX06 Project Update
13:05 Transfering guide data from one PC to another
13:25 The Smart homes Show in the UK
14:00 A message from TPN
14:40 Welcome to Daniel from The Green Button
15:40 How it got started
15:50 The TGB Team
23:00 The community contributers
25:03 What is coming for the site
26:40 Search and RSS!
28:37 Blogs and galleries
30:00 Downloads
31:16 10 foot version of the site
32:55 Performance boost!
34:00 Future plans
35:50 Daniel’s Media Center PC setup
41:06 Vista
41:50 Tablet PC integration
45:38 Using other apps on Media Center
47:00 Interactive Content
49:00 Thanks to The Green Button users
50:15 Get in touch
50:28 Coming up next week
Music by Ian Dixon

Team Update MIX06 Media Center Project

Last week on the show Charlie Owen talked about the Media Center Project being done at MXI06 (podcasts catcher)
"Schematic is doing the design for the ‘Q’ application and will collaborate with our team to implement the visuals using Media Center Markup Language"
"Stephen Toub is also joining us on the project, focusing on the managed code side of the equation"
Stephen will be on the show in a couple of weeks talking about the amazing MSDN articles he wrote about Media Center
I am really looking forward so seeing there work

Smart Home Show

Any UK readers going to the Smart Home Show at the NEC next week?
I was thinking of going to see what Media Center stuff is there, its not quite CES in Vegas but I will take a look anyway.
I should be taking my podcasting gear with me so if your going or showing something off there let me know
isdixon at

Tips on creating MSI files for Media Center Add-ins

Creating a MSI for you nice new Media Center app can be tricky, the SDK is not exactly clear on the steps.
Aaron Stebner (guest on the show last year) has posted a sample on how to create a MSI for a add-in.
He also says that the new Media Center Presentation Layer adds coming in Vista would install like ad add-in so its worth looking at his sample if you thinking about Media Center development for Vista.
If you want to know what Media Center Presentation Layer is list to Charlie Owen on last weeks show

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