Touchscreen Media Center PC

CE Pro are showing off a nice picture of a 17" touchscreen Media Center PC. I saw how well touch screens work with Media Center at Microsoft’s Smart Home last year. In a kitchen situation or in a bedroom it would work really well. Some of the features:   Pelham Sloane gave EHX attendees the … Continue reading

Microsoft Demos SideShow for Media Center Remote

Via Matt Goyer CE Pro have a  nice picture of a Media Center remote using SideShow on the remote. Sideshow is the auxiliary display technology that is coming in Vista.   I would love to see a real remote doing this, it would make the remote much more intelligent and another way of interacting with … Continue reading

The Windows Media Center Show #51 – Mark Weinberg (Microsoft)

The Media Center Show #51(MP3 – 10.6mb- 30mins 49secs)LISTEN HERE and the RSS feeds are HERE The Media Center Show with Orb Networks A shorter show this week and even thought my hard disk crashed and burned I still managed to get the show out 🙂This week on the show is Mark Weinberg, General Manager at … Continue reading

Niveus Announces HD-DVD Drive

(via Chris Lanier) Niveus have announced that they are bringing out a HD-DVD drive for there Media Center PC’s   Check out my interview with Tim Cutting, CEO & Founder recorded at CES   I wonder if they will implement managed copies?   “While we may have additional announcements later this year regarding the Blu-Ray disc … Continue reading

Coming up this week…

Coming up this week on the Media Center Show Why Media Center does not need a 60% re-write Windows Media Center Presentation Layer Email in to the show Other Media Center news And special guest Mark Weinberg – General Manager at Microsoft’s eHome group, responsible for the Media Center core features team

Two new apps for Media Center

Two new application out for Media Center that look interesting. (via Chris Lanier)   On2Share [MCE] is a UPnP Control Point for Microsoft XP Media Center Edition (MCE). On2Share is running as integrated add-in enabling seamless home media networking with simple to use UPnP (Universal Plug and Play). Tap into your digital home network with … Continue reading

The Windows Media Center Show #50 – Media Center MVP’s

The Media Center Show #49(MP3 – 23mb- 1 Hour 14mins 1secs)LISTEN HERE the RSS feeds are HERE The Media Center Show with Orb Networks Welcome to show 50!This week on the show I have two Media Center MVP’s (Microsoft Most Valued Professionals) talking about Media Center and Vista.Orb’s Ian McCarthy reports from MIX06 and I have … Continue reading

Sky on Media Center

Chris Lanier posted a link to a great thread on The Green Button about how to get Sky working with a DVB-S card on Media Center. Its not 100% but its on its way to being better that using analog capture cards.   I would love to see Sky and Microsoft get together to create an … Continue reading

Grand Prix Show #19 is out

The lastest Grand Prix Show is out, this week Jon and I look at the Malaysian GP and look forward to the next race So checkout our F1 Podcast at

Media Center Presentation Layer Web Apps will bring in Online Spotlight 2.0

Something that is extremely important for developers and content providers of Vista Media Center applications.   Media Center Presentation layer applications (basically native Media Center apps) can run over http as web apps.   Why is this important? Well it means no more HTML application for Online Spotlight (unless they are designed XP Media Center). … Continue reading