mceBackup Update

Now that I have almost finished my music project I want to get back in to some Media Center development and am itching to try out the new Vista development models. I was amazed to see what mceBackup is still be getting frequent downloads (sometimes over 20 a day!) I thought I would create a … Continue reading

The Windows Media Center Show #64 – Chris Anderson

This week on the show Chris Anderson editor-in-chief of Wired Magazine and author of the Long Tail Blog. Chris will be explaining what the Long Tail is and how if effects Media Center users.   Plus your email See the variety of equipment and setups that Media Center users have posted,the pictures are on my … Continue reading

Paul Thurrott has trouble with Vista Media Center, I want your thoughts

I don’t normally comment on Paul Thurrott’s posts thought I would on this one. Paul posted a article called "Windows Vista’s Media Center Not Ready for Prime Time" (hasn’t he used this already?) He talks of how slow Vista Media Center is and how some of the UI is still XP based. Well as its … Continue reading

The Windows Media Center Show #63 – Niall Ginsbourg

The Media Center Show #63(MP3 – 14.1mb- 40mins 59secs)LISTEN HERE The Media Center Show with Orb Networks This week on the show is Niall Ginsbourg talking about his Big Screen Photos application. A Flickr application for Windows Media Center, developed using the latest .net 3.0 technologies (with a great Vista Media Center style UI)We will … Continue reading

mceAuction 2.0 wins eBay Star Developer Award for Innovative Application 2006

mceAuction 2.0  won "eBay Star Developer Award for Innovative Application 2006" in Las Vegas, which is the highest award a software for the eBay platform can get (see   If you use ebay and Media Center then get this app and browse ebay from the sofa

Media Cente OEM in administration

Just noticed that UK computer company Elonex has gone into administration. Elonex make (made) some fine Media Center PC’s and have been the choice of many UK Media Center consumers.   More info from

The Windows Media Center Show #62 – Eric Voetberg (Microsoft)

The Media Center Show #62(MP3 – 16.4mb- 47mins 4secs)LISTEN HERE The Media Center Show with Orb Networks This week on the show is Eric Voetberg a Program Manager from the eHome team at Microsoft. We will be talking about the development process for Vista and Eric’s area of expertise in Media Center Online Spotlight and … Continue reading

Picture of my keyboard setup

As I have said on the Media Center Show before I am working on a new CD of music and have been playing the music on end of each show. So I thought I would post a picture on my keyboard setup including the vintage 80’s Yamaha DX100 (they keytar style one)    

The Windows Media Center Show #61 – AMD Live!

The Media Center Show #61 – AMD Live! The Media Center Show #61(MP3 – 15.8mb- 46mins 12secs)LISTEN HERE The Media Center Show with Orb Networks This week on the show I am very excited to be talking to Teresa de Onis, AMD brand Manager and Orb’s Ian McCarthy about AMD Live! and what it means … Continue reading

Favorites feature for Vista Media Center

Matt Goyer has details on a nice new feature for Vista Media Center:   We added a new feature in Media Center for Vista, called Favorites. Basically, Media Center remembers what channels you spend the most time watching.   Look like a good idea, checkout Matt’s blog he has some nice screen shots of the … Continue reading