My Vista video makes YouTube Most Viewed

The Vista XBOX 360 extender video that I posted on Tuesday has gone from a couple of hundred downloads on Tuesday to over 10,000 downloads yesterday. Someone also posted it on Youtube and it has made the Most Viewed with over 3000 views.   It show how despite a lot of negative comments about Vista … Continue reading

The Windows Media Center Show #68 – S1Digital

The Media Center Show #68 – S1Digital July 27th, 2006 The Media Center Show #68(MP3 – 15.4mb- 44mins 47secs)LISTEN HERE This week joining me on the show is Paul Heitlinger from S1Digital. We will be looking at there Media Center PC range, servers and extenders. We will also be talking about there Media Center show room. … Continue reading

List of new features for Vista Media Center

Matt Goyer has collated a list of new features for Vista Media Center, I think sometimes people don’t realize half the new features in the new version of Media Center   Support for 64bit machines You can upgrade to Windows Vista Media Center from XP Media Center is included as part of two Windows Vista … Continue reading

Running Vista Media Center on my XBOX 360 (with Video)

Last night I played with the extender function of Windows Vista. This is the first time I have got my XBOX 360 working as an extender with Vista. Using the latest build of Vista (5472) I setup up the XBOX 360 as an extender. The setup was very simple, it seems slicker that the XP … Continue reading

The Windows Media Center Show #67 – Ian McCarthy

The Media Center Show #67 – Ian McCarthy July 20th, 2006 The Media Center Show #65(MP3 – 21.6mb- 63mins 00secs)LISTEN HERE This week on the show is Orb’s Ian McCarthy, we will be talking about place shifting with mobile devices and video services like YouTube. Also if you want to beta test the new version … Continue reading

YouTube on Media Center with YouTubeMCE!

Via Chris Lanier You can now get YouTube on Media Center, I love watching old 80’s music videos on Youtube so its great to get it on to Media Center. download it from

The Windows Media Center Show #66 -Inteset

The Media Center Show #66 – Inteset July 13th, 2006 The Media Center Show #66(MP3 – 14.6mb- 42mins 43secs)LISTEN HERE This week on the show is Jeff Lloyd, president and CEO from Inteset a company specialising in Media Center products for AV installers. I also have a tip on building Caller ID in to Media … Continue reading

mceBackup 2.0 update

As I posted before,I am working on a update for mceBackup Well I say update its more of a complete re-write using .net 2.0 and Media Center Markup Language. Its going to a 10 foot application for Vista that enables you to backup your scheduled recordings all via the Vista Media Center UI (plus other settings) … Continue reading

Producing a CD

Now I finished my CD I was thinking on how to sell and distribute it. I know I am not going to sell many (if any) but its something I have always wanted to do. I know Cafe Press do CD distribution and they have the kind of model I want (ie no minimum quantity) … Continue reading

Vote for the Media Center Show

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