Vista Packaging

Looks like Microsoft may be learning from the old jokes about there packaging, remember the "If Microsoft designed the ipod packaging video" If the pictures are true then the packaging of Vista and Office 2007 looks much better and should really stand out on the shelf pictures from Windows Vista Blog

Your feedback on The Media Center Show Extra

So I have done two episodes of The Media Center Show Extra and wanted to get your feedback. First off do you like the idea of an extra show? If so what would you like to see on the show. What format should it be in? (Youtube, direct download etc)   Go to this survey … Continue reading

Ed Bott’s Media Center Comparison Chart

Ed Bott has great chart comparing the features of digital media platforms, such as tivo, Windows Media Center, Myth TV etc. It’s interesting to note that only Media Center (Vista Edition) was ticks in all the feature boxes. Sage TV comes closest but without cablecard support.   Checkout the full chats on Ed’s ZDnet site

The Windows Media Center Show #80 – Media Center Development (Part 2)

The Media Center Show #80 – Media Center Development (Part 2) October 26th, 2006 The Media Center Show #80(MP3 – 15.4mb- 44mins 55secs)LISTEN HERE This week I have part two of a the interview with Aaron Stebner from the eHome team at Microsoft. We are talking about Media Center Markup Language the new way of … Continue reading

October Rollup for Media Center

Aaron Stebner points to the update for Windows Media Center out this month   Today is the day for the monthly release of new Windows hotfix packages and updates, and there is a new Windows Media Center hotfix that has been released today that I want to draw your attention to: October 2006 Update Rollup for … Continue reading

LinkSys DVD player that is a Media Center Extender?

Thanks to listener of the show Mark Carline. He spotted a new Linksys network ready DVD player. It can play DiVX, DVD, WMV9 (plus other formats). It has a great range of connections on it, wifi, lan, HDMI,Scart,composit etc but the most interesting thing about it is that it can be a Media Center Extender … Continue reading

MCE Tunes

The team behind MyTVtoGo have developed a new application, MCE Tunes is a iTunes application for Media Center that enables you to play protected iTunes tracks, i.e. ones you bought from iTunes. I don’t have any purchased tracks from iTunes but I set the free version up (which works at the full version expect for … Continue reading

Big Screen Headlines MCML Application

Ok this is one of the best Media Center Markup Language application I have seen so far. Its an RSS reader for Media Center written in MCML for Vista. You can browse the feed setup by Niall Ginsbourg (the developer) or add your own feeds using IE7. It plays enclosed videos and audio files. Niaill … Continue reading

Vidabox’s Dual HD-DVD & Blue-Ray Media Center PC

VidaBox LLC have announced a dual Blu-ray and HD-DVD Media Center PC. So you get the best of both words. Vidabox will be on the show in the future so I will find out more info then From there Press Release:   VidaBox Introduces World’s First Dual HD-DVD & Blu-Ray Media Center GARDEN CITY, NY … Continue reading

The Media Center Show Extra #2

  October 19th, 2006 This week on the Media Center Show Extra I am showing off mceAuction the ebay application for Media Center as well as Media Center Markup Language samples and the Q application that Aaron Stebner talks about on the Media Center Show this week. View via Youtube, MSN Soapbox or direct download … Continue reading