The Media Center Show Extra #5

Welcome to Show #5. On this on the all Vista show I will be taking a look at mceBackup 2.0 my backup tool for Media Center, Big Screen Headlines a RSS reader for Vista Media Center and a look at Music in Vista Media Center. The extra shows are great fun to do and I … Continue reading

mceBackup 2.0 Beta Update

I have updated mceBackup 2.0 to include backing up of atscchannels.xml, this the manual channel assignment for ATSC tuners If you have 2.0 installing already just install it and reinstall the new version Download

Have A Great Christmas and New Year

Just wanted to say to all readers of this blog and listeners of the Media Center Center Show have a great Christmas. I have really enjoyed doing the show over the last year and hope to continue and make the show better in 2007. As ever I do appreciate your suggestions and comments so please … Continue reading

Media Center EPG Problem

Last night my Media Center was happily working away recording a program, then the next scheduled program didn’t record. Very annoying as I only noticed it wasn’t recording after the program had finished. Looking at the Recordings screen in Media Center, it had the program as being set to record but the program had already finished. … Continue reading

Vista Media Center Remotes

Yesterday seemed to be Remote day! First off where pictures of the Philips remotes. Nice looking remotes and there is even a PC Express Card Remote coming soon for laptops. via Chris Lanier   Then there are the nice Sideshow ones on cepro   And we have a winner. The first company to officially announce … Continue reading

The Windows Media Center Show #88 – Mike Newell (Microsoft)

The Media Center Show #88 – Mike Newell (Microsoft) The Media Center Show #87(MP3 – 23.0mb- 67mins 07secs)by Ian Dixon LISTEN HERE This week on the final show of 2006, Mark Newell a Program Manager from the eHome team at Microsoft joins me to talk about the history of Media Center, the new look and … Continue reading

mceBackup 2.0

I have finally got round to getting a beta version of mceBackup 2.0 out. This is totally new version of my backup tool for Media Center Features: Backs up TV channel assignment Backs up Scheduled recordings and series recordings Backs up recorded TV to local drives, or networked drives (via UNC paths) Backup up an additional folder … Continue reading

The Windows Media Center Show #87 – Tim Cutting

The Media Center Show #87(MP3 – 23.0mb- 67mins 07secs)by Ian Dixon LISTEN HERE This week on the show Tim Cutting CEO and founder of Niveus Media joins me on the show to talk about Niveus’s latests products including their Cablecard,HD-DVD and rack products. It great to get Tim back on the show they have some … Continue reading

CE Pro show Vidabox Blueray / HDDVD box

CE Pro have a nice video blog showing off Vidabox’s Blueray and HD-DVD Media Center box. They also talk about some of the differences between the formats. Steve Cheung from Vidabox will be coming on the show soon

Charlie Owen on why Media Center look and feel is not not available to developers

Something that I know developers often complain about why the look and feel of Media Center is not available to 3rd party developers. It means that you either have to spend some time developing your own look and feel or spend even more time trying to emulate the existing design. Charlie has blogged about the … Continue reading