Share Recorded TV with other Media Centers / Domain Version

Got Vista Ultimate Edition and a Windows Domain? If so read Mike Brown’s blog post on how to get get Media Center working with the domain Well with Vista out now I thought this could be useful for some users who also run a domain at home.  Vista Ultimate supports Windows Domains and Media Center … Continue reading

Windows Home Server for developers

One of the Microsoft products I saw at CES that I am really excited about is Windows Home Server. It has the potential to be a great product for the enthusiast, as well as the great backup/sharing/remote access features its a platform that developers can have a go with. Dan Fernandez (Lead Product Manager for Visual … Continue reading

Going from XP Media Center to Windows Vista Ultimate Edition

As I mentioned on the blog before I have decided to install Windows Vista on my main Media Center PC. Unlike any other installations I have this is THE main box in the house that does all the TV recording and Media serving and having something not working on this box is not good for … Continue reading

Win Pamela Pro and mcePhone with The Media Center Show Community Forums

I have a new give away on The Media Center Show community forums. Each week I will be giving away a copy of Pamaela Pro + mcePhone Bundle worth €19.90 I will be awarding the software to the post of the week. It could be for helping someone out or posting info of a your TV card … Continue reading

Vista Media Center Sports Lounge Review

One of the most interesting things I saw at CES was the new Windows Media Center content in Vista, and the one I did like that the Sports Lounge, which is totally intergrated in to Media Center.  I did an interview with a ref on the Microsoft stand at CES but I haven’t been able … Continue reading

The Media Center Show Extra #8 – CES Part 3

This week on the Extra show I continue my CES coverage. First is a look at the Gyration Remote Control that was on show at CES which is a great motion controlled remote control, it was the first chance I had to play with one and I must say I am impressed.Then Ted Singh from … Continue reading

The Media Center Show #92 – CES Part 3

The Media Center Show #92 – CES Part 3 January 25th, 2007 The Media Center Show #92 (MP3 – 11.5mb- 33mins 27secs)by Ian Dixon LISTEN HERE This is my final set of interviews from CES. This week on the show I interview Steven Cheung from Vidabox talking HD-DVD. Christoph Buenger author of mceWeather explains what he was doing … Continue reading

First winner of The Media Center Show Community “poster of the week”

I promised a free copy of mNewsCenter to a random poster on The Media Center Show Community forums and I have been a little slow in catching up on this, so the first winner is Simon Worth, well done to Simon. The next winner will be for the most helpful post of the week 😉

Vista Online Spotlight applications come to the UK (sort of)

While US users of Media Center have been enjoying new Vista version of he Online Spotlight content over in the UK no such content had shown up. Over on The Media Center Show forums I noticed that someone had spotted more content for the UK was here. BBC7, and others have been spotted, on my … Continue reading

Embedded Automation announce the winners of their Digital Home Contest

Embedded Automation have announced the winners of their Digital Home Contest, It’s a contest they held to find innovative ways that mControl (Media Center Home Automation Software) has been used. I will have some info on this weeks Media Center Show as Ted Singh will be explaining more  but for now here are the details from … Continue reading