Anybody going to The Connected Home in London?

While I know its not CES, The Connected Home show at Olympia in London (March 5-6th) looks interesting. In fact it will be the first time IPTV has been shown on the XBox 360 in Europe.Unfortunately I can’t make it down there but if any readers are going I would be interested to hear whether … Continue reading

Tool for sharing recorded TV with Media Center PCs

There are some great guides on how to share recorded TV between Media Center PCs that walk you through setting up the shares and permissions. I didn’t know that MVP Doug Knox has developed a tool to take care of all the hard work for you. So Doug has very kindly allowed me to host … Continue reading

The Media Center Show #96 – Doug Berrett – Webguide 4.0

The Media Center Show #96 (MP3 – 19.5mb- 56mins 46secs)by Ian Dixon Listen Here This week on the show is Doug Berrett author of Webguide the remote scheduler application for media center, well I say remote scheduler but it does a lot more that that. Doug will be joining me to talk about version 4.0 … Continue reading

Webguide sidebar available for download

I talked about on the blog this week about the Sidebar Gadget for Webguide, well its available for download now    

Help for MCML Developers

While Media Center Markup Language is very powerful for developers, it does have a steep learning curve so I was impressed to find a project Steven Harding is working on (with help from top Media Center developer Nial Ginsbourg) Its a projet called MCMLLookalike, an Open Source library of Media Center Markup Language code that … Continue reading

Windows Live for TV Beta is live

I blogged about Windows Live for TV a while ago and its now available for download. I have been playing with it and it quite nice to be able to view Live Spaces from Media Center. Its great to be able to have Windows Live Messenger working on it. It’s written in WPF (Windows Presentation … Continue reading

Using Windows Home Server (Part 1)

So I got my Windows Home Server setup and I thought I would give my first thoughts. First off I bought a small form factor PC with a 160gb drive in and added a 500gb SATA drive. This is my box: it’s a Biostart with AMD Sempron 3400 with 1gb of memory. I think the spec … Continue reading

What are the pros and cons on going from MCE2005 to Vista?

An interesting thread has been posted on forums: Compare MCE 2005 to Vista Home Pro The poster was considering upgrading from MCE2005 to Vista and asked "What are some Pro’s and Con’s for upgrading to Vista on my Media PC? " My first thoughts were: Stability Stability (so important I put it twice, the WAF … Continue reading

Sidebar Gadget for Windows Media Center!

Last week I was complaining about that lack of Sidebar gadgets for Windows Media Center. Well Doug Berrett has filled the void with the Vista Sidebar Gadget for Webguide. Its a great gadget that sits in the Sidebar and can display the guide, recordings and scheduled recordings, and the best thing about it is that … Continue reading

Installing Windows Home Server

I have been planning to do a post on using Windows Home Server but not had the time to write it up yet. So I was pleased to see a post on building a Windows Home Server. The post details the steps taken in setting up the server and has lots of screen shots showing the … Continue reading