“Using Microsoft Windows Vista Media Center” now shipping on Amazon

I noticed today that my book "Using Microsoft Windows Vista Media Center" is shipping from Amazon.co.uk now. So anybody that has pre-ordered the book should be getting they copy soon.

Please email me (ian@thedigitallifestyle.com) if you get the book, it would be nice to know who gets the first copy.


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Big Screen Photos v2 – Video on The DigitalLifestyle.com

Over on TheDigitallifestyle.com video show I have posted this:

Nial Ginsbourg posted a video of his great new application "Big Screen Photos v2" on MSN Soapbox. Nial kindly allowed me to host a high quality WMV version to show the program off in all its glory and a lower quality WMV version for people unable to view the Soapbox version

For more details checkout Nial’s blog post


The RSS feed for the video show HERE

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Ed Bott on Windows Home Server

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Ed Bott has a great post about Windows Home Server as he says "Microsoft hits a home run with Windows Home Server" and I have to agree with him, the latest build is a big improvement over the last beta and I have it fully integrated in to me home network.

In fact last week I had a corrupt Cubase file (the software I use for writing and recording music) and it was so easy to open a previous backup pull out the single file I needed and put it back on to my Tablet PC, it took minutes to locate and restore the file and I was back working on the song. This is how backup should work, it is fully automated and I don’t have to think about it.

Read more on Ed’s thoughts

The Media Center Show #105 Anthony Park

The Media Center Show #105 Anthony Park (2007-04-26)

By Ian Dixon (21.1mb 1Hour 1min)

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This week on the show MVP and developer Anthony Park joins be to talk about his Media Center application mceBrowser a great way of viewing web pages in Media Center and on an Xbox. We also talk about his open source email application for Media Center. I have details about my new book "Using Windows Vista Media Center" which is available now, I have email in to the show and some news items.

The Media Center Show with Orb Networks

Show times

00:50 Coming up this week
01:55 Help on dual monitor problem from last week


 [HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionMedia CenterSettingsMCE.PerUserSettingsmonitor] If you don’t have this key, add it as a ‘String Value’ (REG_SZ) with a value of ‘\\.\DISPLAY2’

04:06 Email – Blank windows problem
06:00 Email – Using mceBackup
07:55 My book "Using Windows Vista Media Center" is ready to go
10:21 Update on "What features are missing from Music in Media Center"
14:59 HiPe PC launches a in car PC system
16:38 April 2007 Cumulative Update for Media Center for Windows Vista
18:14 A Message from One Voice
19:15 Welcome to Anthony
19:56 How did Anthony get in to Media Center development
23:15 Anthony’s background
24:40 How mceBrowser was works
28:00 It works on the Xbox 360
31:50 Becoming an MVP
32:40 Presenting to Developers
35:55 mceBrowser on a yacht
38:37 mceMailbox
44:25 What is next?
46:50 Anthony’s Woodwork projects
49:35 MyMovies
50:03 Windows Home Server
53:33 Thanks to Anthony

Music by Ian Dixon

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Using Microsoft Windows Vista Media Center available to buy now!

Got the good news from the publisher today that my book "Using Microsoft Windows Vista Media Center" co-authored with Tony Campbell is out today.

It has been a great experience writing the book and a pleasure writing a book on such a great product. I have learnt a lot about Windows Media Center while doing the book, in fact I found some hidden settings that can make a big difference to your Media Center experience. I have decided to do some videos to accompany the book to show off some of these features.

Working with Tony Campbell was great too as Tony has plenty of experience writing which was great as this is the first book I have worked on. I am looking forward to the day I can walk in to a book store and see it on the shelf (It should be in Waterstones in the UK in a couple of weeks)

The book is good for beginners as it covers buying considerations and hardware components as well as seasoned users as it covers upgrading from XP and some of the advanced settings in Vista.

Here are a selection of the areas the book covers 

  • Introducing Windows Media Center
  • What’s new in Vista Media Center
  • Upgrading from XP
  • Connecting your PC to a TV
  • Network configuration
  • Setting up TV
  • Working with Recorded TV and advanced settings
  • Playing DVDs
  • Burning DVDs
  • Working with Videos
  • Working with Music, playlists etc
  • Working with Pictures
  • Working with Radio

Plus lots more!

Best of all on Amazon.co.uk its only £7.19 So what are you waiting for, go order it!


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HiPe PC launches a in car PC system

Something that every gadget lover would like in the their car (well I would!) is a in car PC System, HiPe PC have launched a range of in car systems based on Windows Vista Media Center and featuring One Voice voice control software.  Their range of car PC system are not as expensive as you would have expected.

I will have an interview with HiPe on a future show



HiPe PC Launches Driv-N Line of Car-PCs featuring Voice Control Powered by One Voice Technologies

LA JOLLA, CA—April 24, 2007—One Voice Technologies, Inc. (OTCBB: ONEV), developer of 4th Generation voice solutions for the Telecom and Interactive Multimedia markets, and HiPe PC, manufacturer of high performance desktop, notebook, media center and professional workstations, today announced that HiPe PC has launched Driv-NÔ, a new line of in-vehicle devices based on Microsoft Windows Vista Media Center and powered by One Voice’s voice control. Starting at $799, Driv-N is the ultimate in-vehicle entertainment experience designed to fit into most vehicles and offers a brilliant in-dash 6.5” motorized touchscreen display (Driv-N I15) and optional 15.3” roof mount LCD for added rear passenger enjoyment. For more information about Driv-N, visit http://www.hipepc.com/store/pc/viewCategories.asp?idCategory=102 or http://www.hipepc.com.

With Driv-N you can watch DVDs, listen to CDs, MP3s, Apple iTunes, enjoy XM online satellite radio, Internet Radio and browse the web, while remaining connected to your home or office PC in ways you’ve never imagined. Best of all, Driv-N can be controlled entirely by voice! Voice Control for Driv-N, powered by One Voice’s Media Center CommunicatorÔ, delivers high accuracy for a wide variety of accents, operates on simple to use voice commands and requires no voice training.

Driv-N features include:

· Voice recognition by One Voice

· Motorized 6.5” touchscreen monitor

· Integrated GPS navigation

· High speed mobile internet access

· AM/FM/XM Radio

· DVD/CD/MP3/WMA/iTunes playback

· Bluetooth hands free calls

· Onboard OBD II vehicle diagnostics

· Integrated rearview camera control

· Read and send email

· Create your own custom voice commands to launch websites and applications

“Driv-N revolutionizes the in-vehicle entertainment and navigation experience by consolidating the functionality of many devices into one affordable package,” said Richard Stenlund, Sales and Marketing Manager at HiPe PC. “Our integration with One Voice enables Driv-N users to easily and naturally navigate their digital entertainment while keeping their eyes on the road and their hands on the wheel.”

“We are very excited about our partnership with HiPe PC and the tremendous potential of the emerging car-pc market,” said Dean Weber, president and CEO at One Voice Technologies. “Drive-N represents the most feature rich in-vehicle entertainment and navigational system available today, and at an affordable price. We look forward to a strong and prosperous relationship with HiPe PC.”

About HiPe PC

Driv-N is the first of several new lines of personal computers by HiPe PC.  HiPe PC offers unique computer technology products that include Home Theater computers, Gaming Computers and high performance Notebook PCs built from top quality components, with a strong focus on silent, high performance computing and superior customer service.  For more information on HiPe PC, visit http://www.hipepc.com or call 1-888-602-6960.

About One Voice Technologies, Inc.

One Voice Technologies, Inc. (OTCBB: ONEV) is the world’s first developer of 4th Generation voice solutions for the Telecom and Interactive Multimedia markets. Our Intelligent Voice™ solutions employ revolutionary, patented technology that allows people to send messages (E-mail, SMS, Instant Messaging and paging), purchase products, get information and control devices – all by using their voice. The company is headquartered in La Jolla, California. For more information, please visit http://www.onev.com


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