EMUCenter 0.5.0

Steven Harding has released a new version of EMUCenter. EMUCenter lets you launch your classic games from your Media Center using Arcade emulators such as MAME. So if you like your arcade games download from his new community site Developers should checkout Steven’s Developer blog for some background on how he developed the application   … Continue reading

New Video Review of Tranquil PC Home Serve Coming Soon

I was impressed with Tranquil PC’s Windows Home Server when I saw it at Microsoft’s Vista After Hours Event a couple of months ago. I was even more impressed when I found out Tranquil are based about 5 minutes down the road from my office in Manchester. Tranquil have kindly lent me an evaluation version … Continue reading

MVP Developers Impressed with Media Center

Yesterday I attended an open day for MVPs at Microsoft’s Reading Office. As well as having presentations from Microsoft employees on various technologies (Silverlight was a highlight for me) there were presentations by other MVPs. Andrew Cherry (interviewed on show 120) presented an introduction in to developing Media Center applications which attracted a good crowd. … Continue reading

The Media Center Show #128 – mControl 2.0

By Ian Dixon (17mb 49mins 30sec)  Vote for the show on Podcast Alley Direct Download Link – Subscribe via iTunes – Subscribe via RSS This week Ted Singh from Embedded Automation returns to the show to talk about mControl 2.0, a home automation package written for Vista Media Center. We talk about what the new … Continue reading

£199 Xbox 360 Makes Great Extender

Microsoft have launched the Xbox 360 Arcade pack which makes for the cheapest way to Extender Windows Media Center. The new Xbox pack contains a HDMI equipped Xbox 360, a 256mb memory unit and 5 arcade games. It does not have a hard disk but to be an extender you don’t need it . Just … Continue reading

Toshiba Working With Microsoft On New Entertainment Xbox – Smarthouse

According to Smarthouse Microsoft are working with Toshiba on a new Xbox that will be positioned as a Entertainment hub.  The report says the new devices will include a HD-DVD drive, hard drive and possibly dual TV tuners with EPG. This all in one device would have its own Media Center type software enabling it … Continue reading

The Media Center Show Award Nominations on Listas

I was playing with Windows Live Listas web application. Lista is a list management system in a Web 2.0 style. You can create and share lists and then work with other users on the lists. You could use the list for a shopping list, a todo list or a community list. So I though would … Continue reading

The Media Center Show #127 – MCEDEV.COM

By Ian Dixon (17mb 49mins 30sec)  Vote for the show on Podcast Alley Direct Download Link – Subscribe via iTunes – Subscribe via RSS This week German Media Center developer Olcay Buyan from MCEDEV.Com talks about his Media Center applications including TVToolbox a great application for editing and converting Recorded TV files all from Vista … Continue reading

YouTube – Voice Control on Car PC – One Voice & StreetDeck

  I am very tempted to put my Samsung Q1 in my car with and use it as my car entertainment system and now having seen this Youtube video of Streetdeck and One Voice’s voice control software I am really close to doing it. The video shows Streetdeck being control by voice (the same technology … Continue reading

Refresh Rates in Windows Media Center

In this weeks Media Center Show I will have a couple of emails on refresh rates and Windows Media Center, so I wanted to create a discussion on refresh rates. In the show (out Thursday 18th) one mailer from Sweden asked about a way of automatically switching Vista to the correct refresh rate to match … Continue reading