YouTube – Voice Control on Car PC – One Voice & StreetDeck


I am very tempted to put my Samsung Q1 in my car with and use it as my car entertainment system and now having seen this Youtube video of Streetdeck and One Voice’s voice control software I am really close to doing it.

The video shows Streetdeck being control by voice (the same technology as Media Center Communicator for Windows Media Center). Watch the video then workout where you are going to put that UMPC!

Thanks to Erol for the heads up

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  1. Hi Jussi! This is just one way to activate the microphone. StreetDeck has a feature called Gestures which allows the user to move throughout the system by either tapping a button or simply drawing an “m” to go to the music section. Voice comes in handy because you can access any artist, album, genre or even song instantly without having to go through the different screens to get there. You can also set this up to accept a voice command with just a tap.
    Many other features will also be controlled by voice shortly.  The ability to voice control navigation (i.e. "find the cheapest gas station within 20 miles"), photo slideshows, movies, recorded TV and more using only your voice!

  2. Not only do I love the device but I’m really excited about the company that provides the voice recognition. One Voice Technologies Inc. They’ve just launched their services with Telnor, a phone company in Mexico. The company has been in a research phase for years & now on the verge of generating income. The ticker is ONEV.OB & it’s going for TWO CENTS a share!

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