Vote in The Media Center Show Awards and win!

As mentioned on the award show page there is a prize draw for anybody that leaves there email address when voting in The Media Center Show Awards. So here are some of the prizes up for grabs From Embedded Automation – mControl 2.0 Home Automation software for Windows Media Center From Vidabox – Media Center … Continue reading

Looking for Beta Testers for “Media Center Health Monitor”

For a while I have been working on a small program that gives me a little piece of mind when working with Recorded TV in Media Center. A while back I had a problem with Recordings not working due to a corruption in Recordings.XML, I only noticed the problem a while after it has started … Continue reading

The Media Center Show #133 – Tranquil PC

By Ian Dixon (16.2mb 47mins 16sec)  Vote for the show on Podcast Alley Direct Download Link – Subscribe via iTunes – Subscribe via RSS I have two interviews this week recorded on location in Manchester. James Senior from Microsoft UK talks about the "Windows Vista After Hours" events hosted around the UK. He explains why … Continue reading

How to get Windows Media Center receiving premium HD cable content without CableCARD

I just read an interesting article on about how to get Premium HD cable content in to Media Center without using CableCARD. The solution uses an undocumented feature of Motorola Set Top Boxes (specifically the QIP6200-2 in this case) to get the content. The RF output connection (the ‘F’ connector labeled RF out) sends … Continue reading

Delay on UK Shipments of Extenders till February

As Chris Lanier pointed out the V2 extenders have been delayed to late December / January. This is disappointing, when they were unveiled in October there was a lot of buzz about these products and that fact they they would be available for Christmas. In the UK there are STILL has no acknowledgment of them … Continue reading

mControl Developer Program

Embedded Automation have released details of the mControl Developer Program. The mControl Developer Program allows developers to extend the functionality of mControl by getting the mControl Driver Development Kit (mControl DDK) and creating devices using the .NET framework. This is great for adding protocols to mControl that are not natively supported. The mControl DDK consists … Continue reading

Media Center meets Piano

Ever wish your Media Center PC was installed in a piano? No, me neither but that is on sale on ebay.This Media Center/Piano hybrid is a full Media Center PC with 26 inch LCD and the old Media Center Remote keyboard in place of the piano keys (I hope they don’t try and use the … Continue reading

The Media Center Show Awards 2007 are go!

For the last three years I have run the Media Center Show Awards. The aim of the awards is to highlight the great work performed by the Media Center community. The awards are spilt into categories that represent enthusiast developers, professional developers and community websites. This year the Media Center developer community has grasped the … Continue reading

The Media Center Show Awards 2007

The Media Center Show awards page will be opened for voting on Monday 26th November. You can preview the nominations now and if you have any comments or suggestions drop me an email ian [at] All the sites and services have been nominated by readers and listeners, if anything is missing it is because … Continue reading

The Media Center Show #132 – Scott Evans (Microsoft)

By Ian Dixon (15.8mb 44mins 52sec)  Vote for the show on Podcast Alley Direct Download Link – Subscribe via iTunes – Subscribe via RSS – Get the show on your Zune This week Scott Evans, Group Manager for the eHome division at Microsoft joins me to talk about how Microsoft are pushing Media Center in … Continue reading