Posts this week on my blog

I have moved my blog to Here are the posts this week: The Media Center Show #142 – Final CES Interviews Listen here Here are the final set of interviews from CES. In the press lounge I sat down with James Kendrick and Kevin Tofel from jkOnTheRun and MobileTechRoundup , they cover the world … Continue reading

Round up of this weeks posts

Since I have moved my blog to HERE, I thought I would do a round up of this weeks posts in case you missed them Microsoft’s Bluray problem Chris Lanier has an interesting post on the problem Media Center is going to have with HD content now HD-DVD looks in trouble. Read Chris’ post for … Continue reading

The Media Center Show #141 – NextGen Home and Extenders

By Ian Dixon (18mb 50mins 428ec)  Vote for the show on Podcast Alley Direct Download Link – Subscribe via iTunes – Subscribe via RSS At CES I visited the NextGen home (see this video), it was built to show off Media Center, Home Automation and Life|ware. Actors took you around the home showing off Media … Continue reading

i-Mate Wireless Sideshow Photo Frame

I have been on the search for Sideshow devices having only managed to find a couple at CES. So when I had the chance to try i-Mate’s wireless Photo frame with Sideshow I jumped at the chance. The device is an i-mate Momento 70 7-Inch Wireless Digital Picture Frame. It has wireless support so I … Continue reading

The Media Center Show #140 – CES Interviews

By Ian Dixon (18mb 53mins 40sec)  Vote for the show on Podcast Alley Direct Download Link – Subscribe via iTunes – Subscribe via RSS Back with a full show after my CES trip and this is my first batch of interviews from CES. I have Todd Headrick from the Windows Home Server team talking about … Continue reading

Video of HP at CES showing MediaSmart TV

At CES I interviewed Alex Thatcher from HP for the The Media Center Show. While I was there I recorded some video of HP’s new Media Center Extender and their latest Media Center TV. In the video I show the user interface of HP’s own MediaSmart software and how well Media Center works on it. … Continue reading

Ricavision Sideshow Remote (VAVE100) Video

I wasn’t able to do a full video review as I would have liked, for some reason Ricavision would allow audio interviews and not video. You would think they want to show off their latest remotes!  Anyway I did a sneak video of the remote and the interview will be out Thursday on The Media … Continue reading

Microsoft Robotics Studio at CES

While everybody crowded around the Microsoft Surface demos I talked to Microsoft’s Robotics team next to the Surface guys. They are doing some interesting stuff with Robotics and automation….. Checkout the video on my blog

Fuze Media System at CES

While walking the floor with Richard Miller (a Windows Media Center MVP) we found Fuze Media’s booth. They have an interesting whole home system that combines parts of Windows Media Center with some of there own code. It adds distributed audio and video and removes some other elements of Media Center. Richard was impressed with … Continue reading

BBC iPlayer with Media Center

I have been playing with the BBC iPlayer and I thought I would post my experiences with it and Media Center. First I think the BBC iPlayer is a great idea, being able to catch up with shows is a nice but who wants to watch TV on a PC monitor? So this is where … Continue reading