Roundup of Recent Posts

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Will Digital downloads will be Blu-ray’s downfall?

I was reading a CNET post on why digital downloads will overtake Blu-ray and I almost agree. While I don’t think it will happen over night, I am sure digital downloads will over take physical disks in the future. The problem Blu-ray has is that for most…


Media Center in the Kitchen

I am having my kitchen redone at the moment (my wife’s idea) and I am thinking of putting Media Center in to it. In the old kitchen I had an old laptop with a broken screen and a monitor, but it was messy and will not do (again my wife’s thinking!) for…


Windows Home Server Data Corruption Bug Update

Terry Walsh of We Got Served posts an update on the WHS data corruption bug, while the bug is very rare it can be nasty so I thought it would be good to get Terry on to The Media Center Show to clarify the issue and help make sure avoid the problem. So…


Microsoft announces games for Zune via XNA Studio

Does anybody want to play games on their Zune? Not sure I am that bothered about playing games on my Zune I mainly use it the car for listening to podcasts and music, but I think its great that Microsoft are opening up the platform with XNA Studio Microsoft…


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