It’s another post roundup!

Don’t forget I have moved my blog to HERE and you can find the RSS feed for my blog HERE

Here is another round up of recent posts:

Zune + Windows Mobile = Better Together?

It maybe a few years to late but on the Windows Mobile blog the team are asking how Windows Mobile and Zune can work together. It’s great that they are asking but I can’t help thinking that this is something that should have been done before the iPhone…


MyNetflix v2.1 Beta

Anthony Park has updated MyNetflix with a new public beta, this adds WatchNow in full screen and a number of bug fixes. Head over to Anthony’s blog for more details and a download I have completed development on the next version of MyNetflix (v2.1). This…


Windows Media Center query-based recording

Top tip on how to use query based recording with Media Center. As Ewan says in the blog it’s a bit obscure and not easy to find but it’s well worth highlighting. I won’t steal the thunder of the original blog post but you will find the feature under the…


The Media Center Show Live Feb 29th with Windows Expert Ed Bott

It was good fun recording The Media Center Show Awards live , so I thought I would do another live recording. This Friday (29th) at 8pm UK / 12pm PST I will be interviewing Windows expert Ed Bott . We will be talking Vista Service Pack 1, Vista myths…


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