The Media Center Show #167 – Ben Drawbaugh (Engadget HD)

Listen Here (mp3) This week I am chatting with Engadget HD’s Ben Drawbaugh. We will be talking about Windows Media Center, Home Automation, remote controls and the recent Extender shoot he did for Engadget HD. I also have your email and a round up of the weeks news. Please keep the email coming show [at] … Continue reading

Post Roundup

I had a day off with the kids and managed to put my back out so that delayed me unboxing HP’s new TouchSmart but I got there in the end and recorded a video of my first impressions and what a fantastic system it is. Here is a roundup of some of this weeks posts … Continue reading

The Media Center Show #166 – HP on Windows Home Server Updates

Listen Here This week Microsoft put out Power Pack 1 for Windows Home Server, this includes a fix for the data corruption bug, x64 support and extra backup features. Also HP put out an update for the HP MediaSmart Server so HP’s Allen Buckner joins me to talk about PP1 and what is new in … Continue reading

This weeks posts

Back again with this week in Media Center world, there is the Media Center university part 5 (how may parts are there!), Ed Bott on running Windows Home Server in a virtual environment, Charlie Owen starts a firestorm and I am planning for future shows   Media Center University: Whole House Integration of Media Center … Continue reading

The Media Center Show #165 – mPanel

Listen Here This week I am talking to old friend of the show Ted Singh from Embedded Automation. Ted will be talking about mPanel a new wall-mountable touch screen that you can play music from and control the home, Ted will also be updating us on mControl 2.1. I also have your email and a … Continue reading

Post Roundup

Back with another post round up with some rumours on future updates, Media Center university videos and BBC Radio on Media Center Don’t forget I have moved my blog to No DirecTV HD for Vista Media Center until 2010? First I want to say I have no inside information on this one way or … Continue reading

The Media Center Show #164 – CaptionSeeker

Listen Here This week I am talking to Tony Leung from TeVeStream about CaptionSeeker and application that enables you to locate a scene in a recorded TV show by searching for a keyword or phrase in captions and jump to the scene in Media Center. We also talk about the other application that TeVeStream have … Continue reading

The Media Center Show #163 – Stream DVDs to Extenders

Listen Here This week Pete Stagman Windows Media Center MVP talks about how to stream DVDs to Extenders from a Media Center System. Pete worked on the project with a group of Media Center MVPs and they have put together a guide on how to setup your system for DVD streaming.  For some people this … Continue reading