The Media Center Show #170 – Musicgiants

Listen Here (mp3) This week I am talking to Scott Scott Bahneman, CEO of MusicGiants about their HD audio and video services that can deliver high quality music and videos directly in to Windows Media Center. As more of us connect Media Center up to AV Receivers having a source of high quality content available … Continue reading

The Media Center Show #169 – Ed Bott on TV Feature Pack

Listen Here (mp3) Last week Microsoft released details on the Windows Media Center TV Feature Pack (the update formally known as Fiji) and that provoked a passionate debate around the limited (OEM only) availability of the update. So to get a expert view on the subject I chatted with Windows expert Ed Bott. We streamed … Continue reading

The Media Center Show #168 – Mark McCall and a naked guy

Listen Here (mp3) This week I am talking to Automated Home’s Mark McCall. We recorded the interview live and took questions from the chat room, we covered a wide range of topics from pre-installed crapware to home servers, Xbox Media Center to Apple TV. Oh and listen out for an unexpected guest half way through … Continue reading

New Roundup

Don’t forget I have moved my blog to   It’s that time of week for a post round up. I have my interview with Engadget’s Ben Drawbaugh, Open Media Library goes public and an statement from HP on their Windows Home Server update HP Update Slowing down MediaSmart Windows Home Servers? In Podcast 11 … Continue reading