Podcast: The Media Center Show #254 – Windows Home Server “Vail”

This week saw the beta release of the next version of Windows Home Server, code named “Vail” .The new version has lots of changes including 64bit only so joining me this week is Windows Home Server MVP Andrew Edney to explain what is new in Vail and how we can get hold of the beta. … Continue reading

Podcast: The Media Center Show #253 – Media Managers

This week we are talking Media Manager apps for Windows Media Center with Bjorn Morris and Adam Thursby. There are some great apps for managing movies metadata and we discuss the pros and cons of the various addins and whether we really need extra software. I have email and a look at the weeks news … Continue reading

Podcast: The Media Center Show #252 – Jason Dunn

Returning to the show this week is Zunethoughts and WindowsPhoneThoughts Jason Dunn to talk about the latest updates to the Zune OS and how the Zune platform is influencing Windows 7 Phones. We also talk about the metro UI and how it has its origins in Windows Media Center I have email and news including … Continue reading

Podcast: The Media Center Show #251 – Windows Phone

Joining me this week is Garry Whitaker to talk about the developer story behind the new Windows 7 Phones. I think there are going to be some exciting opportunities for developers to create great apps for digital home. DLNA apps, remotes and Media Center guide apps would be great on Windows Phones so Garry and … Continue reading

Podcast: The Media Center Show #250 – Ed Bott

Welcome to show 250, 5 years and 250 shows since the first show back in XP Media Center days! Taking a look back and forward with me is Windows expert Ed Bott, we look at the longevity of XP, the trouble with Windows Vista and the success of Windows 7. Ed has some interesting views … Continue reading