YouTube – Voice Control on Car PC – One Voice & StreetDeck

  I am very tempted to put my Samsung Q1 in my car with and use it as my car entertainment system and now having seen this Youtube video of Streetdeck and One Voice’s voice control software I am really close to doing it. The video shows Streetdeck being control by voice (the same technology … Continue reading

New DRM scheme will let consumers stream cable TV over home networks

Thanks to Fieldhouse over in the forums for pointing this out: Cable subscribers should soon be able to stream cable TV programming over their home networks, as CableLabs has announced its approval of a new streaming protocol. Called DTCP-IP (Digital Transmission Copy Protection), the new spec will use DRM to lock down content to ensure … Continue reading

Pictures of the Sony UX1 in the Photo Galleries

I have a video review of the Sony UX1 I was sent for review out soon, so I have posted some pictures of it in the Photo Galleries. I must admit to taking a liking to the device, at first I couldn’t get used to the small 4.5" screen but after a bit you do get … Continue reading

Bluray v HD-DVD my take

Last week I got a review unit of Sony’s XL301 Media Center PC complete with Blu-ray drive. I recorded a video review and in the review (out soon) in the video I said it was a shame that I had no Blu-ray film to try with it. So on Saturday I visited my local Blockbuster … Continue reading

Major Skype Problems

I noticed today that one of my machines would not sign in to Skype. Well it turns out that Skype have a major problem at the moment, I noticed only 241,725 users online which is a lot less than the millions normally logged in to Skype.   I hate to think how much revenue they … Continue reading

HDMI 1080p on standard Xbox 360? – Digital Spy

Interesting development on the Xbox 360 front. Cable manufacturer XCM say they are bringing out a HDMI cable for the standard Xbox 360 complete with 1080p support. One of the main selling points of the Xbox 360 Elite is the built in HDMI connection, so it will be interesting to see Microsoft’s reaction to this … Continue reading

Microsoft Surface Computing

Just as I prepare to leave for the airport I saw the press release on Microsoft’s new Surface Computing product. It looks a fantastic user interface and at first it expected to be used in public places like Casinos. I can see that when the product becomes more mainstream that it would be great in … Continue reading

Video coverage of the UK Smart Home Show

If your in to home automation and you didn’t get chance to visit the Smart Home Show in Birmingham (UK) check out these videos from There is a nice short tour of the sights, plus videos of home automation. Check out the videos on Youtube, oh and if you recognise the music in the Sights video … Continue reading

My new UMPC

Since the Ultra Mobile PCs were launched last year I have been dying to get my hands of one. At CES this year I got to play with some of the new ones so when I has the opportunity to get a Samsung Q1 I jumped at the chance. The Q1 is one of the first … Continue reading

Anybody going to The Connected Home in London?

While I know its not CES, The Connected Home show at Olympia in London (March 5-6th) looks interesting. In fact it will be the first time IPTV has been shown on the XBox 360 in Europe.Unfortunately I can’t make it down there but if any readers are going I would be interested to hear whether … Continue reading