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I am please to be able to welcome as sponsors of and The Media Center Show. is a great source for tech related reviews, blogs and news. They focus on computing,home entertainment and gadgets and I hope to be able to add some Media Center options over there too.

So a big thanks to them for joining the show and along with the other sponsors in helping keeping the site up and running so do me a favor and check out their site.


The Media Center Show Prize Giveaway

Just a quick reminder that on this weeks Media Center Show (show 108) I am giving away a great prize pack

The Media Center Show Prize Pack includes:

To win this pack just send an email to Ian [at] telling me your favorite Media Center feature,and your location. I will draw a winner at random and announce it in a few weeks

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The Media Center Show #108 – Andrew Van Til

By Ian Dixon (29.9mb 60mins 42sec)

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This week developer Andrew Van Til joins me to talk about his Windows Media Center utilities, one of them DVRMSToolbox is a Media Center Award Show winner, and is a great tool for processing recorded TV files. We will be talking about ad skipping, tuner sharing and his other Media Center applications

I have email, news items and a chance to win a prize bundle including "Using Microsoft Windows Vista Media Center"

The Media Center Show with Orb Networks

Win this lot!

Show Times:

00:50 Coming up this week
01:48 Email – Media library problems
03:34 Win mcePhone
03:51 Email – Xbox 360 Extender in 50hz mode?
05:57 Webguide Updated more details on Missing Remote
06:48 Big Screen Photos V2, pics on my blog and more info on the Big Screen Blog
07:41 Spring Update for the Xbox 360 – boot in to Media Center mode
09:16 Controlling Windows Media Center with Windows Mobile 5.0
10:49 mControl for Windows Home Server
11:58 My Blog
12:14 Win my book "Using Microsoft Windows Vista Media Center" plus a goodies pack!
13:22 A Message from One Voice
14:37 Welcome to Andrew Van Til
15:12 Getting in to Media Center
16:20 Starting Media Center development
18:00 Development challenges
20:00 DVRMS Toolbox
22:50 Sharing Recorded TV
22:50 FFDShow
26:50 Copying TV to a Windows Mobile device
27:48 Converting to audio
28:49 Auto Commercial Skipping
38:56 Media Center Recording Broker – let Media Center PCs pool their tuners
49:35 LCD Writer application
52:50 YAC – Caller ID addin
55:21 Media bookmark
56:08 Andrews Web Site, Forums
57:00 See you next week

Music by Ian Dixon

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The Media Center Show #107 RadioTime

By Ian Dixon (15.1mb 43mins 58sec) The RSS feed for the show is HERE

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This week Bill More CEO of RadioTime, an radio aggregation service for Windows joins me to talk about RadioTime and their Windows Media Center Plug in
I have email and news items, plus details on a new competition to win my book "Using Microsoft Windows Vista Media Center"

The Media Center Show with Orb Networks

Show times

00:55 Coming up this week
01:42 Dual Monitors on Windows Media Center, forum thread
03:21 Gyration Remote Control, Gizmodo link , my video from CES
04:49 "Using Microsoft Windows Vista Media Center" – want to win one?
06:09 The Portable Media Center Platform is dead
08:09 A message from One Voice
09:19 Welcome to Bill More
10:00 What is RadioTime
13:00 How it works
16:00 Improving the Radio experience
20:00 Finding content
21:10 RedButton application  – Time Shift Radio
26:50 How is the Radio Industry taking to Internet Radio
30:00 Satellite Radio
33:00 The Media Center version
38:00 Send in your feedback
40:00 Keep the email coming in
See you next week

Music by Ian Dixon

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100 Editions on The Media Center Show!

Back in March 2005 I was looking for more information on Windows Media Center, I had started blogging about Media Center and was looking for a podcast that talked about Windows Media Center. I couldn’t find one so I thought I would have a go at doing one myself.

So I contacted people from the Media Center world about coming on to the show and much to my amazement they agreed to be interviewed, at that stage I had to more or less explain what a podcast was, where as now almost everybody knows what a podcast is.

It was tricky working out the technicalities of recording the interviews, as it was all new. Skype has been a great tool enabling me to record the interviews for little or no cost, I guess I have spent hundreds of hours on it now.

Over time I have had the more than one Skype crash and also a PC crash lost a whole interview (Sean Alexander was great and re-recorded the interview a week later), I have lost count the number of hours spent in Adobe Audition editing interviews

I have to hand it to the people that came on the early shows, Ted Singh from Embedded Automation was the first guest, Charlie Owen was guest number 2 and has returned many times since (and is the guest on show #100)

The show at first was hosted on my own site and then moved to The Podcast Network after show 4 to up to show 96. Times have changed since 2005 and this year it was right for me to move the show to its own site ( powered by the excellent Community Server and now features blogs, forums and video shows

I really feel there is a community around the show which is fantastic and it is an honor to be part of the Media Center community where there are so many great developers, bloggers and enthusiast.I still get an amazing buzz each time I get a comment on the blogs or an email in to the show, I really enjoy the connection with the listener.

Doing the show opened new doors for me too, being a Microsoft MVP, going to CES and writing a Media Center book are things that I never expected when I started recording show 1.

Having great sponsors onboard like Orb, One voice and Embedded Automation has made the expanded web site possible and has enabled me invest in the show and I couldn’t do the show without there support.

So thanks to all the guests that have been on the shows, and a massive thanks to the listeners, I would not do it with out you. I don’t know where the next 100 shows will take me but I plan to keep going and still a massive enthusiasm for Windows Media Center which gets better and better, so the final thanks go to the eHome team at Microsoft for making such a great product that go me so fired up in the first place



New Server for

As you may have seen from my blog, I had some problems with the server yesterday and have been running on a backup server for the last 24 hours, but I am please to say thanks to some great work by Tony the site it back up and running on a new server. So in the run up to show #100 the server response will be better than ever.

I took the opportunity to clean up some of the old pages on the site and moved to 100% Community server. The Music page is missing but I plan to put up some of my music soon


Server Problems and if it isn’t broke don’t try and fix it

I did an update to the server this morning and it didn’t come back on as it should, so is now running on my backup machine. It seems to be working ok and I have a nice upgraded machine building at the moment, so once that is up and running I can switch site back over.

So if you get any performance issues on the site you know what it is, I guess I should have followed the the rule if it isn’t broke don’t try and fix it!

Update: The new server will be switched on Tuesday morning, wish nice new disks and more memory 🙂


Server downtime

This morning (10am UK time) I will be upgrading the server the is hosted on.
So if you can’t get on the site you know why, more info when its done
Update: The site is up but running on a backup server

Send in email for The Media Center Show #100

In two week The Media Center Show will reach show #100 and I would love to read out your email message on the show.

Any message will do (keep it clean!) but in particular I would like to hear how Media Center has changed how your interaction with your digital media.  Has it changed the way you watch TV? Have you gone all digital with your music? Do you have a connected home and are living the Digital Lifestyle?

Send in your thoughts and experiences and I will read them out on the show.

The show email address is

A copy of Media Center Communicator for the best email!


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