Music in 5.1 DTS surround sound

As readers may know last year I bought a Denon AV receiver and it’s connected to my Xbox 360 via optical cable and matched with Mission speakers . I love watching movies in 5.1 surround sound and also live music concerts are great too. But recently I got the new remastered and 5.1 mixed Genesis box set and listened to A Trick Of the Tail in 5.1 DTS (at 96k) and it sounds fantastic. I have listened to the original version of this album many times but listening to it in 5.1 is amazing. You can hear sounds that you never really noticed before and it’s an truly amazing experience, the Mellotron strings on "Dance on a volcano" sound out of this world.

The Xbox 360 makes a great player too, I am totally in love with the music again!


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Got my Genesis tickets!!

See you at Old Trafford July 7th 2007, front block for the Genesis Reunion.
I have been a fan of Genesis since I was 14 back in the 80’s and for some reason never got round to see them live, but this time I have.
Tony Banks (keyboards) is one of the most underrated song writers in the world.


Genesis Reforming, with picture!

Ok not Media Center news, but i have to blog this. Tomorrow (Tuesday 12pm GMT) Genesis will announce some kind of new tour for 2007.
Genesis are one of my all time favorite bands and Tony Banks (keyboards) is one of my music hero’s, ok the pop of the late 80’s may not be in vogue any more but the quality of the song writing and play is fantastic. Check some of the prog rock from the late 70’s and early 80’s.
Duke (1980) is my favorite (well if you take Misunderstanding off it)
And here is a new picture of then rehearsing, probably for the first time in 14 years!


Producing a CD

Now I finished my CD I was thinking on how to sell and distribute it. I know I am not going to sell many (if any) but its something I have always wanted to do. I know Cafe Press do CD distribution and they have the kind of model I want (ie no minimum quantity) but is there a better service around, is there a UK based one?
Any ideas?
If you want to download some tracks for free go to

Want to name a track?

As I said in my other post I still have some tracks that need naming for my album.
How about a name for this track?
Either leave a comment or send via email (isdixon at gmail dot com)

Finished My Album – Now what?

So on and off over the last 4 years (and an intensive last 3 months) I have been working on an album of original music. Now that I have finally finished it the question is what to do with it.
Do I setup a myspace account and put out the songs there or as I host my own web site ( do I setup streaming from there?
I would like to sell a couple of CD’s just so I can say I have done that.
Does anybody have any suggestions? I still need to name a few of the tracks so any help on that would be good 🙂
So to give you an idea of what I have recorded have a listen:
  • Over and Over (it has a very long into, but does feature some vocals)
  • The End (properly the last track on the album)
  • Milestone (the first track, I wrote 4 years ago)

More details on the equipment used and how I record soon, and if you have a listen thanks!


Vote for my music

Over on Karma-Labs forums (the forums for the Korg Karm Synth owners) they have a competition for music created with the Karma Synth. I have entered my song "Milestone" in the Karma Only category and currently the song is in 2nd place in the first round.
I have played Milestone on the Media Center show a few times, so if your a member of the forums vote for my song
You can download or listen to Milestone HERE

Excellent gig last night

I went to a great gig last nigh, I saw Paul Carrock at the Lowery Centre in Manchester.
Paul is a fantastic musician, playing guitar, piano and a mean Hammond Organ.
When you tell people your going to see him they always say who?
Paul has written and recorded some classic songs, such as "How Long" , "Tempted", "The Living Years" and "Over my shoulder" (with Ace,Squeeze and Mike and the Mechanics)
I great night out, I love seeing live music

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