Made it to Vegas

Well I made it to Vegas , and I am at the Microsoft Vista lab I will be getting all the details on Vista Media Center More later pictures:

Pictures of Vegas and the Grand Canyon

I have just posted some pictures from my trip to Vegas on my website, this time not of CES but of Vegas and my trip to the Grand Canyon. We took at helicopter from Vegas to the Canyon and had drinks near the bottom of the Cannon then flew back over Vegas at night, its … Continue reading

Off to Germany

Tomorrow I attempt to go to Germany again. Last week my flight was cancelled due to fog, so I am hoping I make it this week. The Media Center Show will be out a day later this week (Friday), it should be a good one Joe Harris on  


No trip to Germany for me this week as the thick fog in Manchester meant that my plane was grounded. We have had no fog here for months and the first time I have to fly this year it’s thick fog, typical!   So I have to go next week now