Windows Vista SP1

I just downloaded and installed Windows Vista SP1 beta, at just over 600mb it’s not a small download. I kicked the install off and about 40 minutes later my test box rebooted for the first time. It processed the update for about another 10 minutes, then shut down and rebooted. When it resumed Vista told … Continue reading

Windows Vista SP1 and XP SP3 Coming soon

Technorati tags: Windows vista Service Pack 1 Finally confirmation from Microsoft that there is a service pack for Vista coming and that there is a Service Pack 3 coming for XP From reading the information from Microsoft the XP Service Pack looks like a roll-up of al the fixes since SP2 and doesn’t contain any … Continue reading

Testing a new device – Sony UX1

Just received a new unit to review. The Sony UX1XN is a neat UMPC, much smaller than I expected with a very clear 4.5" display it makes my Samsung Q1 look like a monster. In terms of performance the unit feels quick, I think its going to take some time to get used to the small … Continue reading

Vista Update Packs

Microsoft have released two update packs for Windows Vista.The Performance and Reliability Pack the Compatibility and Reliability Pack This two update packs were released to beta testers a couple of weeks ago and I have been running with them since last week and can say I have not noticed any changes at all. Have a … Continue reading

Windows Vista SP1 Beta due next week?

Could there be a surprise beta of Windows vista SP1 out next week? According this post Microsoft could be preparing the beta for sometime next week with a RTM of November. It will be interesting to see if there is a Windows Media Center update included, if it does then that would fit with the … Continue reading

Get Windows Movie Maker running on a Vista UMPC

One thing I noticed doesn’t work on my Sanmsung Q1 UMPC running Vista is Windows Movie Maker. While I don’t expect to be doing major movie edits on the UMPC it is handy to be able to do a quick edit on a video podcast. When you try to launch it you get a message: "Windows Movie Maker cannot start … Continue reading

New Vista Blog on

I want to welcome Tony Campbell to, Tony will be manning the Windows Vista Blog, a new blog that is looking at all aspects of Vista not just Windows Media Center. Tony is an author, author, journalist and consultant and also is co-author of our new book Using Windows Vista Media Center (and also author … Continue reading

Reports of problems with new HP Pavilion Vista PC’s and Windows Media Center Extenders

A user on the forums on reported a problem with a brand new HP Pavilion M7775 running Windows Vista Home Premium and Media Center Extender appearing to not listen to input. The user did all the usual stuff, checked network connections, firewall and AV software but it didn’t respond. It turns out that the … Continue reading

Going from XP Media Center to Windows Vista Ultimate Edition

As I mentioned on the blog before I have decided to install Windows Vista on my main Media Center PC. Unlike any other installations I have this is THE main box in the house that does all the TV recording and Media serving and having something not working on this box is not good for … Continue reading

Vista Online Spotlight applications come to the UK (sort of)

While US users of Media Center have been enjoying new Vista version of he Online Spotlight content over in the UK no such content had shown up. Over on The Media Center Show forums I noticed that someone had spotted more content for the UK was here. BBC7, and others have been spotted, on my … Continue reading