Embedded Automation Releases mControl Add-In for Windows Home Server

Lots of news around Windows Home Server today, my pick of the day is the press release from Embedded Automation. They have announced an mControl add-in for Windows Home Server: Today, in conjunction with the general availability of Microsoft’s Windows Home Server, Embedded Automation is releasing the mControl Add-In for Windows Home Server. Based on … Continue reading

Live Video Reviews of Tranquil’s Windows Home Server – Tuesday

By way of experimenting with ustream.tv, while I am recording a video review of Tranquil’s Windows Home Server (and possible a new HD-DVD Media Center PC, if the unit is here by Tuesday) I am going to stream the session via Ustream.tv I am not sure how many people are interested in joining in a … Continue reading

What do you want to see in my Tranquil Windows Home Server Video Review

As I mentioned last week I have been review unit of a Windows Home Server by Tranquil PC. This is a fan less 1TB Windows Home Server and is a great example of a low power consumption WHS. Next week I will be recording a video review of the unit and I wondered what you … Continue reading

If your having problems with the Windows Home Server Connector

Yesterday I reported on an update for Windows Home Server and Richard Miller sent me an email about possible problems after installing the update. Once the update has been installed you have to update the connector software and Richard points out that you can run into an issue when updating the connector, if you do … Continue reading

Windows Home Server News

It looks like Microsoft have the first batch of updates for Windows Home Server coming out soon, all via Windows Update. I must admit since getting the release version installed I hardly ever touch my Windows Home Server, it all just takes care of it’s self. Here are the details of the improvements in the … Continue reading


If you using Windows Home Server for remote access (like I am) you will have seen that you get a domain name as part of the package. So you got examplename.Livenode.com and you could then browse your system on the web via that Dynamic DNS without having to have a static IP address. Today over … Continue reading

Windows Home Server has been released to manufacturing

Congratulations to the Windows Home Server team. Today they announced it has been RTMed (released to manufacturing) There will be a 120 day evaluation period, Iomega and Fujitsu-Siemens Computers will be shipping Windows Home Server. More from the Windows Home Server blog Technorati tags: Windows home server

mControl on Window Home Server

Embedded Automation are launching mControl (their home automation software) as an Add-In to Windows Home Server. This is a great idea as Windows Home Server is the always on center of the digital home. You will still be able to use mControl on Windows Media Center as the UI can still run on Media Center … Continue reading

Wake on LAN addin for Windows Home Server

Evangelos Hadjichristodoulou a Microsoft MVP has posted a great tool for Windows Home Server to wake up a sleeping PC that supports Wake on Lan, which will be great when a machine is sleeping when you want to remote control it. More details from Forums.Microsoft.com   Technorati tags: windows home server

Ed Bott on Windows Home Server

Technorati tags: windows home server Ed Bott has a great post about Windows Home Server as he says "Microsoft hits a home run with Windows Home Server" and I have to agree with him, the latest build is a big improvement over the last beta and I have it fully integrated in to me home network. In fact last … Continue reading