UK, Ireland, Canada, France and Germany Get Xbox 360 Movie Downloads

As mentioned last week Microsoft’s Xbox Live movie download is available today in UK, Ireland, Canada, France and Germany. There are 27 movies at the moment with more promised soon. According to Gizmodo "Standard definition movies will cost 250 Microsoft Points (£2.13), while HD movies are priced at 380 (£3.23) Microsoft Points"

I am going to get some points and give it a try over the weekend

List of titles:

* Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone
* Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
* Zodiac
* The Matrix,
* The Matrix Revolutions
* The Matrix Reloaded
* Ocean’s Eleven
* The Perfect Storm,
* Swordfish
* Three Kings
* Training Day
* The Fugitive
* Risky Business
* Space Cowboys
* Eyes Wide Shut
* Analyze This
* Demolition Man
* Eraser
* Executive Decision
* Lethal Weapon 3
* Lethal Weapon 4
* Looney Tunes: Back in Action
* Mars Attacks!
* Clash of the titans
* Superman III
* Dead Calm


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Xbox video-on-demand confirmed for UK

Microsoft have confimded that it’s Xbox Live Video on demand service has is coming to the UK. It’s been something I have been waiting to come to the UK (along with the Zune) for some time and it’s great to see Microsoft rolling it out to the UK. The HD content is very tempting and if it works well it could mean that I bypass HD-DVD and Bluray and go with VOD

Xbox Live users will be able to access and watch a range of movies from next Tuesday after Microsoft confirmed rumours that the firm is to launch its own video-on-demand service.
On December 11, the Xbox 360 manufacturer will make available high-definition films, including 300, The Good German, Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.
Downloading a rental movie will cost 250 Microsoft Points (around £2) for a standard definition 480p movie, while the HD films will cost 380 Microsoft Points (around £3.20).
“Xbox Live Marketplace Video Store in Europe is all about adding to the ever-expanding number of entertainment choices that our consumers have on their Xbox 360,” Microsoft’s director of Xbox Live for Europe Robin Truchy said.
“We want to give them the entertainment they want, in the format they want, when they want it and at an affordable price. We were already offering HD games, HD music videos and the option to enjoy HD-DVD format films, now we are offering HD movies to download and rent as well. This is very exciting for us and the consumer.”

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£199 Xbox 360 Makes Great Extender

Microsoft have launched the Xbox 360 Arcade pack which makes for the cheapest way to Extender Windows Media Center. The new Xbox pack contains a HDMI equipped Xbox 360, a 256mb memory unit and 5 arcade games. It does not have a hard disk but to be an extender you don’t need it . Just connect the 360 up to your network and then to your TV via HDMI (cable not included) and you have a £199 extender. I know people complain about the fan noise but it is not really noticeable on my 360.

Also you can switch the 360 to boot directly in to Media Center when you switch it on.

From the dashboard, go to System, Console Settings, Startup and there along with Disc and Xbox Dashboard is the new option, Media Center.  Select that and the Xbox 360 will boot directly in to the Media Center extender experience when you turn it on. 

While this pack is aimed at casual games it makes for a low cost entry in to the world of Media Center Extenders and considering that the hardware Extenders have not been announced for the UK yet this may be the cheapest way for some time

Buy it now from Store Wink

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Toshiba Working With Microsoft On New Entertainment Xbox – Smarthouse

According to Smarthouse Microsoft are working with Toshiba on a new Xbox that will be positioned as a Entertainment hub.  The report says the new devices will include a HD-DVD drive, hard drive and possibly dual TV tuners with EPG. This all in one device would have its own Media Center type software enabling it to compete with a tuner enabled PS3. The post says "a spin off from its struggling media centre offering." (I am not sure where they got struggling from)

The new Xbox device, while allowing for extensive gaming capability, will be positioned as an entertainment hub that includes gaming and extensive wireless networking capability as well as 1080p playback. There is also talk of it including a dual HD TV tuner and EPG capability and a docking port for an MP3 player. For Toshiba, the device is critical if it is to be successful in beating Sony and the Blu-ray promoters.

Would you prefer a all in one Xbox devices with Tuner cards or a centralized Windows Home Server with Media Center Server built in and then user Extender devices to consume the content? I think putting the tuner cards in the Xbox would work for some people but I would prefer my tuner cards in the server and then Extenders, Xbox 360s and other PCs to be able to stream Live and Recorded TV from the server.

What do you think?

Read the article for more details.

Toshiba Working With Microsoft On New Entertainment Xbox – Smarthouse

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